Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Birthday bros!

Hey guys,

First of all, Wanna wish my fellow bros a very happy happy birthday!~ Happy Birthday to Jia Yee, Yew Leong, Ying Zhou, and Loong Siang! Best wishes and hope u guys enjoyed ur birthdays even in the absence of me! Here are some memories with these guys.

Me and Yz zho LJ taiji during new year

Me and Yl saving Yz from zho LJ taiji

Me and JY the MAN makan at Langkawi

Loong Siang's most innocent looking pic ever!

Time passes so fast, and before u know it, JY has become a MAN! LS is still his goofy old self I presume. Hope Yl and Yz are doing fine, haven't heard from them much. They don't join our overseas forum already. I just know that YZ very suei only. Hope his 21st bday changes that.

I know that I haven't updated any posts lately, it's been so crappy here in the uk and its hard to find the mood. Life sucks and I miss everyone and everything back home. However, the thought of going home after studies makes the days pass easier. Take care, everyone! Please recognize me even if I gain 20 kilos and lose a lot of hair in this year.