Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I Don't Understand!

Been awfully busy lately and didn't think that I would be able to find the time nor mood to blog. BUT, today I woke up from an epiphany, and I had a sudden urge to blog. All my frustration wanted to get off my back by jamming on the keyboard. But don't worry fellow readers, I'll try my best to be entertaining and not pass on my frustration to you. Gonna be another sipeh long post, but hopefully it'll be quite joyous to read =)

I think I'll kick this post off with the usual updates. Last week was a disaster for me. I Had to choose between my work and a guys night out at the club. Not that I am a club-freak or anything, just that its been a year since I went dancing with my friends. Hence, I decided to put in few sleepless nights just to finish my work on time, hit the club on Thursday, and skip class on Friday. And the thing about skipping class on the due day is that you have to ask people to hand up your work for you, and if you have ever done that, you would definitely have noticed that everyone would be waiting for you to finish your work before they even begin. And the work that took you uncountable amount of hours to complete would only take those so called "Friends" of yours, or Sons of Bees as I call them, a few minutes to complete. I'm sure that everyone would agree with what I said. And if you're reading this and going:" Hey I don't think that I agree with you" , I have a little fun fact for you: You're the person I'm talking about!

LOL no offense to anyone who didn't agree with me though. So about the clubbing experience at Euphoria, the place was decent but the DJ's choice of music was just horrible. I'm the kind of person who loves to dance sober so without good music, things just won't click for me. But I really don't understand why Euphoria's dancefloor was so packed with people, either they're drunk or they don't care what kind of music is playing, as long as they get to feng tao (shake head) . For more info about the clubbing experience, can refer to Eric's post at imbaniub-emo. Another thing that I don't understand, is what makes Yl dance like that. LOL YL mai dulan! He was without a question the HIGH-est guy in the whole of Euphoria. He was even more high than all the couples french kissing on the dance floor. Seriously, he reminded me of Hard Gay because he looked like he was humping an invisible pole and he did it at an extremely high frequency, occasionally throwing in some "Woo!"s and "Yeah!"s, adding to the humping feeling. Ask anyone who was there that night and they would gladly show you how it looks like.

Hardo Gay

Just that night, so many things happened that I didn't understand. There were so many things that just wouldn't register in my logic. For instance, why Thong Chin and gang would bring a cake to a club, why would they stand in line for half an hour and then walk back out of the line when it was their turn and stand in line for another hour, why would Chee Wei be drunk just after two glasses of alcohol, why would he smash beer bottles when he was drunk, why drunk people talk so much and refuses to admit that their drunk, why Kelvin's gf made a 100+ km/hour sharp turn when there were so many lives (including mine) in her hands, and why she wouldn't stop when she heard our high pitch screaming! I could have swore that the guys that sat behind couldn't feel their balls after that turn. NOT JOKING!

Moving on, as for this week, its my Christmas Break! But things are sipeh rushed and I don't think I will have any time to enjoy Christmas. First of all, me and few of the guys have to plan for our last minute Langkawi trip because some of the others are so 發.ing free but refuse to help in the planning. And what I don't understand is why are they so eager to keep asking about the plans for the trip when they don't intend to lend a hand in the planning? It's so 德發.ing annoying receiving a message asking about the trip when we are pulling our hair out, looking for a place to stay. Till now we still can't find a place to bunk on the 27th because the whole 發.ing Langkawi is fully booked. Guess we'll just have to sleep on the beach and feed the mosquitoes for a night.

Another thing that is really frustrating is that on the day I skipped class, the class was given assignments that needs to use the college's resources before the break and is due right after the break. How am I supposed to go do my work in college when the college is closed for Christmas? I don't understand! Another genius act by the lecturers of KBU. Just that day I went to Kwang Hua to play basketball, and was walking by the corridors when i saw posters that were promoting KBU on notice boards. I would have tore those posters down without hesitation if there wasn't a locked glass door standing between me and the posters. ARGH!

Amidst of my frustration, I had to go to McD to get a Cornetto Sundae, hoping that the Cornetto Sundae would ease my stress. Even as I was lining up to get my Cornetto Sundae, just staring at the poster of the Cornetto Sundae filled me up with GLEE. The way the chocolate chips and and crushed cones were sprinkled on top of the chocolate and vanilla ice cream was enough to make me feel PROUD to be apart of community that was standing in line to pay and get their tasty treats. So I got to the counter, paid for my Sundae, and waited at the side patiently while the guy was preparing my Sundae. And when he was done, he turned around with my Sundae and OH, it was just glowing in the light. However, through closer inspection, I noticed that its glow was dimming as it approached my hand. I noticed that something was missing. I took the Sundae, looked up at the poster and compared the two, and I noticed that the chocolate chips were absent from my Cornetto Sundae! So I called out to the guy and said :" Excuse me, but where are the chocolate chips ?" And this dude turns to me and says with a very familliar but ever annoying Indian Slang:" Sorry La, the chocolate chips... No more edi La... Sorry La..." Can you all imagine that kind of Indian Slang + the shaking of head as Indians always do? As soon as I heard that, I snapped. I was so pissed at the way he handled the situation. He wanted to give me the crappy Sundae without chocolate chips and expected me not to notice it? And cincai say sorry after I waited patiently with a long community of people and paid a quite-expensive-and-I-deserve-to-get-my-satisfaction-price? I stared into his eyes long and hard, his eyes did not show any sign of apology even though he kept repeating " Sorry la ". My teeth were clenched and I was trembling, I felt that it was gonna happen, my fist slowly was about to turn into 'The Finger'. But then just before I was going all out on that guy, I looked up and saw the Cornetto Sundae poster, just gleaming and beaming at me, they were so dandy that they just found a way to calm me back down. I said:" Nevermind" with the tone of my voice sounding like :" STFU " and walked away eating the crappy half Cornetto Sundae sadly. To think of it, I should have gotten a refund! It tasted so crappy without the chocolate chips. And what is it with that Indian slang? It really just made me snap! I definitely wouldn't be pissed if it was a lady with a sexy voice, or even a guy with a sexy voice, for that matter. I Don't Understand!

Now this is the climax of the post. Just now, my faith towards the human race just dropped lower. Just when I thought that the thinking of the world was starting to improve, my optimism failed me, big time! Not only that, my racism level just up-ed a notch. To be honest, I'm not very racist compared to many people I know, but after my encounter just now, if you are darker than Ching Hong or Thuan Shih, 發 U ! That's how bad it is. Now heres how it all goes down. We were heading for some late supper at Esso mamak. We reached the area and were crossing the road to reach the mamak. Just before we crossed, there was this sipeh-ah-beng car with white lights making its speeding sound (not fast at all but very loud) coming down along the road, so we waited till he passed then only cross. As we were crossing, I and TC were getting all excited talking about something and I pointed in the direction of the car on the opposite side of the road (not the ah beng car). That sipeh-ah-beng car suddenly jammed the brakes and reversed. He opened the door, a 發.ing Indian ( Yeah that's what I call them now) stuck his ugly mug out and started shouting all kinds of profanities at us, especially me. The 發.ing Indian went:" U MAU MATI KAH?! TUNJUK APA?! KNB@CJB PUKIMAK! " We were like:" WTF? Is he talking to us? " Just the way his slang went with the KNB@CJB made me wanna laugh out loud but the situation didn't permit me to. We kept quiet, still blur about wtf just happened. Then another 發.ing Indian came out from the passenger's seat, standing beside the car and doing the "What's Up" counter nods with his head. That's when we knew what was going down. This 2 發.ing skinny and short Indians wanna pick a fight with us, four guys who are pretty tough, over a finger I pointed. And it isn't even my good ol' middle finger which I flash so often, proudly as well. So I said:" Saya tunjuk kancil itu la, bukan tunjuk u" The 發.ing Indian starts to get emo:" JANGAN BOHONG LA! PUKIMAK U! SAYA TAKDA CAKAP U, U TUNJUK SAYA! CINA BABI! " LOL! Sipeh Emo! Was he about to cry? Was my index finger a bullet that pierced through his emo little heart? Aww that poor poor 發.ing Indian. Maybe I should have consoled him and gave him a tissue. But, knowing this kind of people, especially those gangster wannabes from Klang, things aren't always what they seem. They won't be so brave if they didn't have more people than you, and if they don't, and judging by their tiny sizes, they've gotta have weapons in their ah beng car. So I made my final statement, and I did it Tommy style :" Saya betul betul takda tunjuk u, Chill LA~ " and I sealed the "Chill LA~" with the annoying Indian slang that they always use, and I asked the guys to continue walking. The 發.ing Indian continued to emo, shouting some more profanities at me, but we just ignored him and continued walking on. Now he gets even more emo, revving his car real high while moving his car real slow beside us. Then he speeds a few meters and stops at a red light, then I think he paiseh to continue staying there, then terpaksa rev some more then only run the red light to save face. LOL! Can you believe how stupid these guys are? I Really Don't Understand WTF these people are thinking! Thanks to him he was our topic for the mamak session we were having. We laughed non stop! And while we were talking about this, I just recalled that I'm the guy who gets into the most trouble due to misunderstandings. People just keep picking random fights with me over nothing. I'm starting to feel that I must have pissed a lot of people off in my past life. Even after I've taken the necessary precautions like having decent haircuts and wearing decent clothing, I still run into situations like these quite often. To think about it, I'm already quite calm when stuff like these happen. I don't tremble in fear no more and think rationally.

Advice for those who have not encounter situations like this:
1. Always analyze the situation - First thing to do is to look at their sizes, their numbers, and whether they have weapons. If any of the above is more than you, control yourself and save your fight for another day.
2. Do not get smart with those people - These kind of people are normally brainless and pompous to say all the wrong things. I've tried 'bombing' them and using sarcasm as my defense but it only makes it worse! And their reactions always make you wanna LOL, which is a bad thing in a situation like that. They would always pause for a few seconds after you 'bomb' them because of their slow processing speed, and after that few seconds have passed and their brains have registered that " This guy is making fun of me", they would get even more pissed off and start swearing a lot in front of your face and trust me, by the time they've done swearing, your face would be all wet, covered up with all sorts of disgusting fluids. Not a wise choice.
3. Do not walk away without answering them - Always leave an explanation before you decide to leave the scene. You will definitely make them more sia suei than they already are if you ignore them and walk away, even more if their still harassing you while you are walking/ignoring them.
4. Leave your ego out of the equation - Do not be scared of being a chicken in such situations. Being the chicken would always be the wiser choice in these situations. I can't remember how many times I wished I was more chicken, because my Leo-like pride always forces me to challenge those people as I never think that I will lose to uncivilised scum like that.

Ok, I better end this debate people that I don't understand, and move on to lighter stuff, like Christmas! This is gonna be a real busy and feeling-less Christmas. I feel that I don't even have the time to stop and enjoy the Christmas spirit. Gonna be helping out in the kitchen this year, grilling the leg of lamb and toasting the garlic bread, making salad, mashed potatoes and mixing drinks. The feeling just ain't the same without my mom around. Really miss her so so much. Hope the lamb I'm preparing would be even half as good as the one she makes. Before I sign off, Wish me luck! Have a Merry Christmas people! And If you're wondering what to give me for Christmas, get me some boxing gloves so that I can't point at people! LOL!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Surprises! *edited due to unforseen circumstances*

Waking up from a lazy holiday's morning after a crazy crazy week, there's nothing better than listening to Mayday's music, sipping on some hot chocolate, catching up with some old friends while looking back on what happened the whole week. What seemed to be a torturing week eventually ended quite perfectly, full of surprises, fellowship, and outbursts of laughter.

Before I begin, I just noticed that I got 3000 hits on my blog! Thanks to all the readers that are willing to 'keh po' about my life, and to the stalkers who view but don't comment. LOL! Not talking about anybody in particular but hope to receive more 'holla's from all friends, especially those that I don't see or hear from often. I miss all my friends, and it doesn't matter whether we are close or not, you guys will always be friends of mine. So do leave a message at the cbox if anybody has the chance. ( No spam allowed, though ) By the way, Congrats to Tommy for finding a girlfriend! Hope both of you will have a fruitful relationship! Anybody who has chat with Tommy recently will definitely know that he has a gf. Why you might ask? Let me emulate the conversation I had with him the other day.
Chris:" Yo Tommy, India seems very dangerous lately, how are you doing?"
Tommy:" Yo... I'm fine BUT I'm not single anymore :) "
Da-be-liu-tee-eff, anyone?

Hope Tommy won't make her kek xim like he does to me

Ok, now for updates. Continuing from the last post (Saturday night, 29th Nov), received an unexpected call from Kelvin. Seems like his plans for clubbing failed and he needed a place to crash. So he came over to my place and we caught up till late before we finally slept. Haven't had a long talk with K for maybe a year plus and it's really good to have him back here in Malaysia. Went for bakuteh with K and Derrick the following morning because K hasn't had bakuteh in a year! That might not be long to most, but for people from Klang, it's an eternity. Sending K & Derrick back was the last leisure activity I did for the whole of Sunday and Monday as another Maths test was just around the corner.

I took a break from class on Tuesday because I "wasn't feeling well" but instead I went to play basketball in the morning. Honestly, I got my a$$ kicked by a girl in basketball. Even though I was going easy on her, I still lost 2 games out of 3 to her. This makes me think that she can win 90% of the guys in my college. Went home and had a nap after basketball because the weather was killing me (Damn you global warming). After I woke up from the nap, my week went downhill. Fell very sick with high fever and sore throat. I took all sorts of precautions before the next day but it was to no avail. The next day was pure torture as it was a full day of class and I couldn't rest when I got back because my test was on the following day. But, the good thing is that I somehow managed to get through the week, with the help of tons of water. Seriously, I've never drank so much water in my life! I was finishing 3 1.5 litre bottles of water even before noon, and in the afternoon I would feel so overheated that I wished I could drink from the firehose. Thank God that's behind me now.

My shoes + Her shoes

Friday came (Woohoo!) and it was really a day of surprises. It was that new friend's birthday (By the way her name is Carmen) so I stayed up to wish her. After wishing her and all, we continued to chat and things were heading in a very odd direction. I agreed to celebrate her birthday with her, then she started to give me some big hints which put me into a very awkward position.

*edited due to unforseen circumstances*

So the next day came. Went and met her for awhile in the afternoon before I went for a class gathering while she went for her own birthday celebration. The class gathering was at Chi Liung and was organized by Zee Joo. It felt great to see my old classmates again after quite some time! Everyone has changed quite a bit and I was really surprised to see Adrian, Siew Lin, Yee Ting, Hui Wen, Hui Cheen, Yu Ying at the gathering. I didn't even know that Adrian was still alive. LOL just kidding!

5S1 kakis
Zee Joo's nostalgic pose. Is it just me, or is her arm larger than mine?

After the gathering ended, I went to celebrate Miss Carmen's birthday. It was a very simple celebration. I bought a tiny cake and sang a birthday tune for her and she made her wish. However, while we were on the way back I received another surprise that day.

*edited due to unforseen circumstances*

Guess that day was the day I unofficially became double. Surprised, anyone?

Her Birthday Cake

Saturday came and it felt forever since I woke up from a good night of sleep. I went for basketball and then went grocery shopping with the guys. We were buying stuff for a BBQ on Sunday. We did the stupidest thing that day. I left my car at Tc's house and we went to basketball together. After basketball Tc left his car at Chin Loong's house and we went to eat using Kelvin's car. We then went shopping together at Tesco using Han Wei's car. In the end we went back in Kelvin's car to fetch CL home. And when we reached CL's house, TC said he left his car keys in Hw's car. So Kelvin decided to fetch me to get my car at Tc's house. Halfway, I remembered that my car keys were in Tc's car. LOL ! Then Kelv sent me home but I actually left my house keys in my own car. WTF! Luckily my bro was still awake at the time.

Sunday came and it was BBQ time! WOOHOO! Been such a long time since we last had a gathering like that. Only get to see Chee Long few times a year and I had so much fun that even the rain and my bad throat wasn't gonna bother me. And to make things better, we ended the day by doing what we do everytime we meet up,! It's kinda like a bunch of guys chilling in a room, talking about all sorts of stuff from the past till the present. I will never forget how Chee Long used to be a promoter:" Hey u got gf or not? I got gf liao le... wan c pics or not? that day i took her go see fireflies, sipeh romantic!" and how his gf became a lesbian after breaking up with him. LOL! Girls beware of Chee Long, there are risks of being lesbians if you mix with him too much. But the Jing Dian of the night was the detector and tsunami story. Unforgettable.
After the BBQ

The next day was a public holiday and we went to sing K together! Woohoo again! Haven't sing K till so HIGH in ages. We came out of the place sweating + out of breath because we jump till beh hoseh. Chee Long's dancing skill really not bad, especially the part he hopped on one leg across the room. LOL! However, singing K during a public holiday really blew a hole through my wallet. Luckily we really had fun, so it was worth it!

Took another day of leave from college and spent Tuesday afternoon with my girlfriend ( still not used to using the word "my girlfriend". Everything happened very fast and reality hasn't really kicked in for me yet) and Tuesday night with the guys. She cooked me some simple but definitely sweet lunch. Thanks =) Went to J card day with the guys and my gf on Wednesday. Got packed like sardines but I didn't buy anything. The others got plenty of cheap goodies, especially Han Wei, he keep pi heng with his brand new jacket.

Phew, what a sipeh long post! It took me all day to finish this post, there goes my homework. Guess I'm up for another week of sleepless nights. Hope all of you enjoyed this sipeh long post. Do leave some comments or drop by to say hi if you're free. Take care everyone! Have a nice weekend ahead!