Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tiring but happening week

Been more than a week since I last blogged and my, has this been a busy week! Haven't slept this little in quite some time already. I think I'll share some stuff about what's been going on in college first. Finished my Maths 2nd class test on Monday and will be having the third next Thursday. Got the results today and I must say I'm quite disappointed. Thought I was gonna get full marks again but instead got some marks deducted due to skipping some easy steps. However, I'm considered quite lucky. There were people who got half of their marks deducted even though they got the answers correct but skipped some of the steps.

Ok, moving on, just completed a business assignment today. Had to skip yesterday's class in order to finish it. But, I kind of used the time quite leisurely. Went out to lunch with a new friend of mine yesterday. Feels very weird getting to know a person from the internet, even weirder meeting a person you know from the internet after just 1 day of chatting. It was also the very first time I ate wat tan hor. The food got boring pretty fast but at least the conversation didn't. Haven't really social-ed with any new people recently and was very worried that I would forget how to. At times things would get awkward but that's usual during first meetings, right? Oh well, at least I have another friend to add to my sipeh small social circle. By the way, the first thing that the person said to me was that I had a very weird voice. Can anybody verify that? I do think I have horrible vocals but I didn't really notice that my voice was peculiar. Really need people's opinions on that.

Speaking of my 48 small social circle, it also expanded a bit recently, because Han Wei, Kelvin, Ching Hong, Hock, Loong Siang, and Hueh Xin are all back and on holidays now! Wee!~ Hung out with Kelv, Hw, Ls, and Ching Hong during this week and just celebrated Ching Hong's belated birthday just now. It was quite a special celebration as all of us were soaking wet due to the heavy rain. The area near CH's house was pretty much flooded and we were so worried that our cars wouldn't start after the celebrations. Thank God we all managed to make it home safe and sound. Darn tired now and have to catch up on some lost sleep. Good Night people! Have a great weekend! Will leave you guys with a few pics I took this week.

Wanted to go jogging but instead was attracted to the sunset till it got dark -.-

Maybe it's pointing towards me?

LOL! This shop's banner really makes you think the other way

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weirdos everywhere

I went to bed pretty earlier yesterday but was woken up by one of the weirdest calls ever. An old friend of mine called up in the middle of the night just to tell me that she was reading through her diary and found out what a great friend I was to her in the year 2006. Can you believe that? And when she asked me whether I remembered what it was about I was like, "Woot?". I was so blur from waking up in the middle night, still wanna ask me what happened 2 years ago. Well, in the end she didn't tell me what I did that gave me the honour of receiving that call from her but she instead just made me promise her that I must be her best friend for life. Weird huh? I wanted to ask her :" Is this about money? Coz if it is, just get to the point" but was worried I potong people's stim while they in the middle of LOL! So instead I just said OK and went back to bed with tons of question marks to dream about.

Woke up at 5 am to send my mom off. She's going to California (again!) and this time she's not going to be back for Christmas nor the New Year. Pretty sad that she's going so long and am definitely gonna miss her. Guess this Christmas will be another year without good cooking. Sigh...

Went to another half day of boring class and went for some horrible sushi lunch which costed me a bomb. Then went to the bank and Prudential's office to settle some stuff for mom while she's away. A weird thing happened at the bank today. The clerk asked me for my age and she gave me the "WTF" look when I told her I was 20. "So young ar?" When she asked me that it was my turn to give her my "WTF" look. Do I really look that old? Comments, anyone? Maybe I gotta sleep earlier and stop staring at the computer so much. Ok, just a quick update. Gotta get back to work. Good Night people!

Updated at 8.50 pm : Guess the weirdo prize for today goes to this guy and his style of frying char kueh tiao.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sudden change of events

Don't you just hate it when you have tons of work to do during the holidays? We always decide on doing it first and possibly study during the holidays but somehow or rather nothing goes according to plan and you end up with a pile of work adding into the busy period right after a short break. Anybody feeling me yet? Then the memory of the beautiful holidays turn into a nightmare because we spend the last day rushing the assignments that are due on the next day. Does this experience sound familiar? Well, it happened to me yesterday and waking up today was a friggin' hard task. Then comes the part where I promise myself to finish off work at the beginning of the next holidays to prevent this from happening again, but eventually fail to do so every time.

So I went to class drowsy with my out-of-bed hairstyle as usual. I think I've done this before but I'm gonna break it down for you guys again.

First Class, Further Engineering Maths - Used it to finalize some last minute work and catch up with friends on what they did during the short break. Why you might ask? Well, this lecturer totally pissed me off by giving me the most motivating reply I've heard.
Example, the first time I asked him :" Sir, may I use this method? Though it doesn't get the same answer, it still is a valid method of solving the question"
The old bugger looks at my working and replies:" I dunno la... Just use my method la"
Me :" Da Be Liu Tee Eff ! ! "
First time never mind, maybe he's lazy to read my long workings.
Second time I went up to him to question him about his workings instead :" Sir, how did you get from 2nd step to 3rd step? How would I know which approach to use when I see a question like this? "
And here goes the award to the most motivating answer ever :" Guna otak "
OU MAI GA! @#$%*#@! Thanks teacher! Tiu Lei Ma Kasih indeed. Next time when I use my brain, it will definitely tell me not to go ask you any more questions.

2nd class, Control and Instrumentation - Just stayed in class to get through to the other lectures in the afternoon. By this time I was feeling really sleepy already. Still gotta tahan till 5.30pm today. Jiin Huei and Hoe were also sharing the feeling of fatigue and we discussed whether we should ponteng. Ponteng? My eyes brightened up at the sound of it. "No! Better not, afternoon class quite important", I thought to myself. Then halfway through the lecture, the head of Engineering comes in to give us some of his usual BS. My Lye, aka Mr Lie, always BS-es people into joining KBU and rob them of their future. This time, he comes in and tells us that KBU just sealed the deal with IBM and they are coming over to monitor our performances in our studies. He kept glancing over at me the whole time, didn't know why but eventually he made it clear. He stated that scholarship students MUST exhibit proper attitude at all times and attendance is a MUST and that KBU has every right to pull the plug on our scholarships any time they feel we are misbehaving. He said a whole load of other crap about the economy and how people weren't able to find jobs + how good KBU is, etc but too bad I wasn't really paying any attention.
Then as soon as Mr Lie left the lecture theatre, Jiin Huei turned to me and asked :" I think he was talking about you just now, still wanna ponteng later?"
The words came out naturally :" Of course! "
and I skipped the two afternoon classes, had some lunch and slept the whole afternoon away till just now. Woo Hoo!

There will be consequences of my acts today, but I guess I have more important things to worry about at the moment. Gotta prepare for a class test next Monday and Complete an assignment by next Friday. To make things worse, friends from Australia are coming back this week. Gonna be rushing those work like crazy again. Might not be able to update in the near future but do Take care everybody!

P.S. Happy Birthday to Shaun and Charmaine. Though I won't get to celebrate with the both of you, I still hope you two will have a great birthday today. Cheers!

Pic of Kathleen, Me, Charmaine & AhCheen (Happy belated birthday to NHC as well)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A week of unknown holidays

It was a pretty hectic week last week. Had tons of labs to hand up and tons of activities planned (though not all went accordingly). Stayed in Damansara for a night that week to hang out with some friends. I managed to finally attend a day of frisbee practice but it wasn't as fun as expected. Everyone was so caught up in playing their own game that nobody really gave a damn about the new guy (poor me), so I eventually got bored out of my skull and went over to play basketball instead. I also had some Dota training with Bernard as the KBU's dota competition was coming up that Saturday and I haven't been playing for some time. We had fun but eventually had a disappointing lost at the semi-finals due to a little, but fatal mistake that one of our teamates made but oh well, we wouldn't win in the finals either, as Battleangel6, a former DNA-SK member was coincidentally studying in KBU. He used to be a representative for Malaysia and I hated him. He really made a fool of Malaysians during international games, saying unsportman-like things when Malaysia's leading and cursing when Malaysia's losing. Though I hated him then, the new Malaysia representatives aren't any better. So I guess all of them are like that, typical Malaysians.

As for this week, it's a week of holidays (Woohoo!). However, I've been enjoying through the most of it till I forgot that I have tons of work due right after the break. Another mistake I made is forgetting that people from Aussie are coming back next week! Though I'm excited, I'm also worried that I'll be too busy with work till I can't hang out with them, or worse and more likely, I'll be too busy hanging out till I forget about work. DANG! Getting torn between work and play really is frustrating. Good thing I don't have a gf, things would be much more complicated if I did (Though I can't deny that I am single and despo. LOL!). Hmmm, speaking of girls, I can't help but wonder what is it with girls nowadays? I don't know why, but recently, I really have the feeling that I haven't seen a female human being other than my mom. Sounds weird, but I am dead serious! It's bad enough that I go to a military college (because it seems like it's an all boys place), even when I go out I rarely notice the presence of any girls. There would be a one in a blue moon chance to see a girl that I can't take my eyes off but nowadays I won't even bother looking twice, coz' I feel that she either is already taken or if she's single, there's a good reason behind it, if you get what I mean. (Most, not all) Girls nowadays are as cunning as double agents in a 007 movie and that's probably why James Bond prefers his women married, they're certified and less complicated. Speaking of which, I just watched The Quantum of Solace yesterday and I must say it's very disappointing. Casino Royale was one of the best James Bond movies ever while the sequel to it was a total letdown due to horrible directing and the horrible script. It just doesn't do a veteran actor like Daniel Craig justice.

My can't help but fret that my one week of holidays are gonna be over soon. Kinda wasted it with playing games and watching Prison Break when I should have been finishing off some work so that things won't be so rushed near the due dates. Somehow these kinds of things always gets delayed. Sigh, guess I better get back in the working mood as soon as possible. Will update yall later.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I tell you!

Been a pretty busy week preparing for a Maths test. However, my efforts were pretty much in vain as the test was friggin' easy! The only hard part of the test was making sure that I wasn't caught when I was passing my paper around to others for them to copy my answers. Even though I didn't get caught that day, I'm still pretty worried that the teacher might be suspicious as almost all of the people that sat within my proximity will have the same answers and steps as me. But I don't really care anymore, since the teacher's a mega @$$-hole. After the test we had, some of my fellow classmates told me that there was a problem with the question and the teacher only told those who asked him about it. I was like "WTF?! Wasn't he supposed to announce it to the class?" And the people around me who copied my answers didn't even bother to tell me about the mistake. So the conclusion I had was, that I studied for few nights, just to help others get higher marks and eventually I would be the one with the lowest marks since they took my answers for the ones they didn't know and kept the ones they knew to themselves.
Sipeh AMGAN , I tell you!

However, when I was studying for the test, it gave me a lot of time to really listen to some new albums added to my collection of music. The album that I listened to first was Jay's new album, 魔杰座 (Capricorn) and I have to say, that imho it wasn't as nice as the previous album and definitely nowhere near the albums during the start of his career. Though there are quite a number of listen-able songs in this album, there aren't many songs that you will call classiscs in a few years time. Well, I guess a lot of people, especially girls, would disagree with my opinions about Jay (maybe because they are blinded), but I think that Jay's music is like recycled paper - you get the same thing, but with lower quality.
Sipeh Sien, I tell you!

Sipeh Lan Yeng pic of Jay

The second album that I managed to get my hands on was Taylor Swift's self titled album. I think that it's a really really nice album and I highly recommended it if you're okay with country music. I find country music pretty refreshing not to mention relaxing, listening to different kinds of instruments like banjos and violins. And there's just something about Taylor Swift's voice when she sings a love song, Sipeh emo, I tell you!

Last but not least, the album from my favourite chinese band, Mayday's Poetry of the Day After (五月天- 後。青春期的詩). Though it's not the most listener-friendly album of theirs, but it's definitely a good one if you're into Mayday's style of music. Why isn't it listener-friendly, you might ask. Well, it might need some time to get used to as this album has a pretty unique style. But after a few listens, it gets highly addictive, almost as if you're in "the zone". Many people might not understand why I'm so supportive of Mayday, but I feel that Mayday is what music is all about. They don't just make plain music which you just listen to, they express themselves, be it ideas, hopes, dreams or feelings. When you listen to their music, don't just listen, interpret. Most songs have really meaningful messages in them and that's what makes their music really able to touch people's heart. For example, there's a song called 如煙 in the new album, it didn't seem like much the first time I listened to it. But when I interpreted the meaning of the song, it just BLEW ME AWAY! I won't even call it lyrics, it's poetry in motion! I wonder how Ashin writes the lyrics, it really puts my poem in the last post to shame, sheer brilliance! You all have to listen to it. Sipeh Jeng, I tell you!

有沒有那麼一張書籤 停止那一天 
最單純的笑臉和 最美那一年

 雙眼只有無猜和無邪 讓我們無法無天 - 五月天

Our youth doesn't last forever, so cherish it. 'Cause before you know it, it'll be over, and it'll be too late to regret not making the most out of our most valuable treasure, which is life. ( No quotes here, this is from me. LOL!) So why are you still in front of the computer? Go out and live your life!

Update at 5.15 pm***
Went to Damansara with Weetat, Derrick and Hoe for lunch with Edward just now. Our trip to Damansara only lasted 2 hours, but it was a nightmare. We went for an overpriced lunch, then went back to Edward's condo, only to find that our car got clamped. Seems that you not only have to park at the visitor's parking, you also have to follow the numbers at the parking spots. WTF!? And the guard didn't bother to tell us that?! Then need to pay RM50 to unclamp it, even though it's their mistake. WTF!? It's like getting beaten by gangsters and you have to pay them. Sipeh Suei, I tell you!