Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Raya Holidays

After a frustrating first week of class, the one and only time of the year where some of our fellow country'M'en contribute to the happiness of our country arrived, and by that, granting most of us a week's worth of holiday. Quite a lot of stuff happened during this whole week, so I'm gonna break it down so I won't get confused with the timeline. This is gonna be a sipeh long + boring post cause I'm going to be jotting down almost everything I did just to remind myself what I did during the holidays.

Friday, 26th September - Started as another frustrating day at college. Apparently we have a new lecturer with a very pro-sounding Aussie slang. Before he spoke, I was saying to the others :" Oh no, this guy looks like a noob" But then as soon as he spoke, he not only surprised me, but he also managed to get the whole class' attention because of his pro-sounding Aussie slang. The people near me were all sitting up straight attentively like:" You're wrong, he seems like very pro like that". So I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and tried my level best to pay attention to whatever he was about to deliver, hoping that he would prove me wrong. Yet, by the end of the class, everybody had gotten into their usual slouch/ face down on the table position while I was kneeled and forehead on the floor, with my head in my hands (the ORZ pose). How could I have doubted myself? Why did I just waste 2 hours of my mind and will power to listen to that gibberish? I knew better than to trust the competence of the lecturers in KBU!
Another lesson learnt in KBU -
1. If it's a horrible slang like Mr Mario, things are what they seem to be (the lecturer really does suck)
2. If it's a very pro slang from the UK or Australia, the lecturer still sucks, and he only went over to the UK or Australia to learn the slang, and did not study there.

I was just grateful that the week of class was over and there was another week of holiday for me. How I wished that studying was like that - 1 week class, 1 week holiday, rather impossible eh? Anyway, later that evening I was actually supposed to meet up with Derrick for some Pak Lang nasi lemak and Klang Jaya fried chicken but we were actually joined by Yz, Eric, Jia Yee, Kc and the legendary Hock. Though Pak Lang wasn't open, we still carried on with the pretty delicious fried chicken. It was gonna be Hock's birthday at the stroke of midnight so Jia Yee and Derrick very seng mok-ly left as it would be more than 5 people if they stayed and that would make Hock a very very angry birthday boy. LOL! (You probably won't get this part if you don't know Hock)

It was pretty potong-stim because I had to fetch my mom from the airport at 11 p.m. and had to miss the regular 12 a.m. midnight-blowing-cake-thingy. But oh well, at least I knew that my mom was carrying my precious Nike Hyperdunks back for me. If you all haven't knew, I'm a shoe freak and I've been craving the "United We Rise" Hyperdunks for some time now (refer to August 19th's post for more info on the hyperdunks). And when my mom told me that her friend actually found it for me after going to 12 stores in the USA, I was extremely thrilled even though I had to wait a couple of months for it to get back. However, halfway through the wait, I got extremely devastated when my mom told me that friend of hers actually threw the box away. WTF?! The box actually can cost up to RM150! Another blow hit me when my mom got news that the shoes were actually a display set, as they were the last pair. WTF?! It's like telling me that my girlfriend is not a virgin on the eve of my wedding! But eventually I still accepted to take the shoe to be my lawfully wedded wife even though it's a display set. Now, Finally the shoe has arrived. When my mom showed it to me, I FREAKED THE HELL OUT! DA-BE-LIU-TEE-EFF!! It's not the version that I wanted! Now, I don't think many people could empathize with the way I felt, so let me explain it with reference to the previous examples. The shoes are like the girl of my dreams. It took so much effort and time to manage to court her and finally she agreed to marry me. But, on the eve of our wedding night, I found out that she wasn't a virgin. Yet I still carried on with the marriage as I loved her too much and didn't want to lose her. Then after we got married and were ready to get busy (if you know what I mean), it turns out that she is a transvestite/ah gua ! ARGH! 哇德发!! I was crushed inside. I couldn't sleep and spent the whole night thinking of the all the waiting and training I went through just to wear the shoes. All of which were in vain due to my mom's so-called friend. Gone to 12 stores konon, such BS. Excuse me for using harsh alphabets but I was really pissed at the thought of paying RM430 for a pair of shoes that I don't even want.

The Hyperdunks 08 version

Saturday, 27th September - Got up from bed early to have breakfast with the guys at the legendary roti canai place and then hung out at my place. The guys left around lunch time and I had a nap before going out to celebrate my mom's birthday at Euro Deli, PJ. Another awkward family outing as my parents are actually not talking to each other. So you can imagine the silence from the drive to the restaurant, while waiting for the food to arrive, during the hasty dinner, and the journey back home. It was so quiet that I thought I could hear crickets.

Sunday, 28th September - Went for brunch with my mom and bro at the famous Fatty Mee Hoon Kueh. What a friggin' waste of time! It was so crowded and we had to wait for 1 hour before our food arrived. 1 friggin' HOUR! Seriously, how long does it take to make some mee hoon kueh? And from my point of view, I don't think that the mee hoon kueh is all that great and it's definitely not worth waiting 1 hour for it. Played basketball in the evening with the guys. Had a pretty good time as Loong Siang and Ching Hong (Sarawak's MVP) were able to join us, coming back from Local U. Been awhile since they last came back.

Loong Siang + Sarawak's MVP

Monday, 29th September - Went to Lowyat with Eric, Hock, Cf and Kc because Kc and Hock had some stuff they needed to buy. Cf actually wanted to buy a couple of thumb drives because he accidentally left his friend's thumb drives in his jeans and sent them to the dobi. But thank goodness he managed to salvage them from the dobi before we left for Lowyat. As for me, I wanted to check out a shop in Sungai Wang that sold super rare shoes (according to Cf) but we were unable to find it after searching every single corner of Sungai Wang. At least I managed to find a book to present my mom for her birthday at Gardens, Midvalley, so the trip wasn't a complete waste for me. During our journey, we talked about a lot of stuff. One of the more interesting things we talked about was Miss KTM. Cf described her as a person that is 十全九美, which means that she's a person that is perfect 9 out of 10. She's beautiful, intelligent, friendly and TPL(!!!). Let's guess what the only flaw that she has is. Ready or not, here comes the answer. The only flaw that she has is her useless boyfriend. When we heard that, we were like "Wtf? How can someone like her be with someone like him? Hasn't anybody tried to make her perfect 10 out of 10?" and Cf explained that she has been very loyal to her stupid boyfriend since secondary.

Sigh, we sat there, regretting that we did not secure a good girl during our secondaries, as it seems like Mission: Impossible to get a good girl nowadays. It's almost like girls were Level 5 monsters during secondary - easy to tame, easy to maintain. Now at college, they suddenly metamorphed into Level 50 monsters - impossible to defeat, impossible to escape from. Sigh. But I guess I'm the one to be blamed, if they were only Level 5 back then, I was only Level 1 during secondary school, knowing nothing about L.O.V.E. and clueless about girls. I felt intimidated by them. To me, they were some kind of extra-terrestrial and they would pull out a laser gun and fry me anytime. Maybe that kind of thinking is the reason why I belong to the S.A.D. group - Single, Alone & Desperate. LOL!

Tuesday, 30th September - The last day of September, a very sad month for most. Even though this must have been said infinite times, but I really can't believe how fast time passes. I can't believe it has been 3 years since the song " Wake Me Up When September Ends" came out. I can't believe it has been 7 years since the September 11 attacks. I can't believe I'm already 20. Most of all, I can't believe that just 3 years ago we were all sitting for SPM trials together, while now most of us are separated by vast oceans and barely are in touch with each other.

I just hope that time passes fast for the hard times I'm about to go through at KBU and slows down whenever I get a chance to be united with friends and family members. Those times are priceless and life would be meaningless without them. I believe that my life isn't about me. It's the lives around me that makes life so wonderful. Even if I died, the loss of my life wouldn't sadden me, but not being able to see the lives around me would. So, for those that are going through hard times, hang in there, never forget that though you're life might not seem much to be happy about, your life is very important to the people around you. Your life is beautiful, no matter how sucky it gets.

Wednesday, 1st October - Woke up at the real wee hours to go and fetch my grandmother from the airport. And before I go any further, ever wondered why that time is called the wee hours? Is it because people get up to "wee wee" during that few hours? Anyway, I reached the airport around 4 a.m. with my mom and we waited for my grandmother to come out of the terminal. After some time passed and we still had no sign of grandma coming out, I decided to go and look for her myself. We couldn't contact her because she travelled back from the US alone and she doesn't have a cellphone (brave huh?). Things got pretty anxious when grandma was nowhere to be found. We tried calling security and my grandma's house phone but was to no avail. After searching for about an hour, we finally managed to contact my grandma, and she had already reached home. I couldn't believe it, my mom and I just kena "put aeroplane" (fong fei gei) by a 70 year old lady (So "IN" meh?). So we went back to Klang to tapao some super early bakuteh for my grandma. Turns out that my aunt got me a pair of Nike Basketball shoes. Hmmm, another pair of shoes that I don't want, but thanks anyway. Played basketball again in the evening with Loong Siang, Sarawak's MVP and the guys.

The Air Force that my aunt gave me

Thursday, 2nd October - Went for basketball with the guys (again!) in the evening. Then went to Loong Siang's house to shower as we had made some plans for yum-char with SuLian, an old friend of ours which we haven't seen in some time. After that Ls treated me to some dinner as he claimed that it was in his territory. I promised that I would return that treat one day at my territory. So after that we went to the mamak beside Berkeley corner to meet the others (Thuan Shih, Andrew, Tian Yaw, Ching Hong, Sulian, Eric, Yz, and Yl). I saw something very interesting that day. There was this dude wearing a t-shirt that wrote "Save The Planet" while the 2 guys sitting beside him was smoking non-stop. I just thought that it was pretty ironic. Speaking of t-shirts with wordings on them, just the other day I saw this t-shirt that almost led me to punching somebody. The t-shirt wrote "God's busy," and then there was a picture of the devil smiling, and the bottom of it wrote "May I help you?". Doesn't a shirt like that just make you wanna punch that guy in the face and say:" Who's gonna help you now?" ? And as I was staring at the shirt, the guy said to me:" What the hell you lookin' at?" ARGH! If my mom wasn't with me I'd smash his glasses into his face! I didn't even bother to answer his question as my answers to this kind of people normally get me into a lot of trouble. The last time someone asked me a question like that, I replied :" I think I'm looking at a dickhead" after that I was pretty famous for awhile, and I didn't enjoy the negative attention.

Friday, 3rd October - Watched the debate between the USA vice president candidates in the morning and I have to say that the debates they have are 10 times more interesting than the debates we have between Malaysian Government officials. I then had Ni Jia Fried Chicken at Pandamaran with the guys as I wanted to treat Loong Siang back. Spent the remaining of the afternoon watching the Mayday JUMP! Live Dvd with Jy, Eric and Yz. I and Jy were indulging in reminiscence of the time we went to Mayday's concert in Genting. Those were really great times and I can't wait for the next Mayday concert. Hopefully will get the chance to go watch them perform in Taiwan, as the fans in Malaysia kinda suck, make them no mood to perform. After watching the dvd, Tc came over and we continued talking about the good old times over some food and drinks at my place.

The Mayday Jump! Live Dvd Cover
The Mayday Jump! Concert in Genting

Saturday, 4th October - Went to eat at Boon Seng with the guys after basketball (again!). It was supposed to be like a farewell dinner for Ah Hong before he went back. After dinner my bro came back from his trip to Singapore and he got me a pair of Puma sneakers. I was like "What?! Is it my birthday?" because that is the 3rd new pair of shoes I got this week. But he already wore them for a few days and man, they are dirty! So I spent about an hour cleaning those Pumas and my Adidas Superstars.

Sunday, 5th October - The last day before I start class again. Woke up and watched The Fifth Element for maybe the 12th time (and I still love it). After that I had another awkward lunch with my family. Nobody spoke a word during the lunch and unfortunately, we went to a place where we had to wait very long for the food to come and damn, it was torturing. As soon as we reached home, the worst happened. My mom decided to break the silence and the caused a big fight. I decided to keep quiet through the whole thing as I just wanted it to end as soon as possible. My brother was pissed with me for not intervening, but I know that it's pointless. Everyone in my family is too stubborn to listen to what I have to say. Though I don't think I am smart, I feel that people just don't get the big picture as well as I do. A lot of people do not judge themselves before judging others. Even more people do not want to take the blame for their mistakes. Most people never forgive, let alone forget. All these hate builds up, and I don't just mean in my household, it's like this everywhere. How I wished that LOVE really makes the world go round. But if it did, I'd be really worried as well, as the world would be like a car running out of petrol (in this case - LOVE), and eventually the world would come to a stop. Why do humans seek to destroy when they should be saving? Even as the earth dies, sometimes I wonder, what is the point of saving the earth when there are so many inhabitants on the earth that are not worth saving? They will continue to destroy the earth no matter what and the efforts to save the earth will be of little or no avail. But, then I will think of the things that are worth saving. And one of the very few things that are worth saving, is LOVE. It is the key to almost everything in life and nothing begins without LOVE. It's hard to explain but just think about it, and you'll get what I mean. Writing this post reminded me of my childhood days. So I'll end it with a video that hopefully will remind you of yours.

Make Music, Not War - Mayday

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Story of Cats and Dogs

Almost through with the first week of the new semester and I couldn't wait till the end of the week to tell all of you a story. The first week started off with the lecturers introducing themselves and the courses that they were gonna teach. A first glance at the schedule and the module leaders and I was relieved that there were no Mr. Anand aka Super Mario. I call him that because he looks like Mario with the mustache and when he teaches, I just want to run away real fast, punch boxes, stomp on turtles, collect coins and disappear into a giant pipe, if you know what I mean. However, there were quite a number of unknown lecturers so I was praying that they were at least at a competent level, but I was SO SO WRONG. Out of 8 lecturers, only 1.5 of them made me not want to skip class for the rest of the year, and out of that 1.5 lecturers, 1 of them have not showed up yet. What are the odds, huh?

One of the useless lecturers reminded me of a story. There was a day when I, Kc, Yz and Tommy went out together. We were eating lunch together at a round table and the seating position was like, Kc was sitting opposite me, while Yz was sitting opposite Tommy. Yz and Tommy were having an intense discussion and I and Kc just couldn't help but laugh at the two of them. If you are like me and know the both of them, you would definitely agree with these facts:

1. When Yz talks to me, I only can hear 50% of what he is saying cause of his Jay Chou like slang, and after I interpret it, I get 90% of his meaning.
2. When I talk to Tommy, he hears 100%, then after he interprets it, he only receives 50% of my actual meaning.

So you could imagine what it was like for the both of them to communicate with each other. It was like a cat and a dog trying to communicate. Yz was talking to Tommy, Tommy only received 50%, then after intepretation, he got 10% of Yz's meaning. LOL!

Now, back to that lecturer of mine, his name is Mr Pu, don't know his full name but I'm guessing that his last name is Ki Mark. I heard from a senior that he talks very softly, so I decided to sit in the first row. What that senior didn't tell me, was that he also has the worst pronunciation known to mankind. Even though he's been teaching for a number of years already, he still speaks like a typical China business man. They somehow mix up all d 'L's and 'R's and makes everything plural. Want any examples? Of course you do!

Mr Pu:" Ret me ask you all a questions. Rets says, you are driving a lolli at the speed of 90km/h, the intefelence due to the motors will detenuates yours pelfolmances of yours cars. How do you leduce the intefelence?"

I turned and looked at the rest of the class, most of them had the same expression on their faces ---> @.@. But I don't blame them, even I who was sitting in the first row was like "WTF?". If Yz and Tommy were like cats and dogs, this guy would be a fish in a pond while we are all humans on the ground. All we can hear from where we're standing are the sound of bubbles rising up to the surface. Bloop bloop or Brrrrrrr, it's up to your imagination. The way he teaches, I hear only 30% of the information he's trying to send out, and after I analyse it, it confuses me more till a point in the end I only understand 15%. By the time the class ended, the average information I registered in my mind without doubt would be around ± 1%. What a waste of not only mine, but everyone else's time! That's friggin' 4 hours a week that I will never get back! I'm already 20 years old, OMG I can't waste anymore of my youth! Somebody shoot him please, the reward will be bountiful. Thanks! =)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Start of the 2nd year

Didn't post much about last week as I didn't do much, just chilling my last week of holidays out with friends. Today is the first day of class after 4 months of holidays. The 4 months passed in a blink of an eye, and when I reopened my eyes, all I saw was my gloomy future in the still very shitty KBU, which stands for KaninBU College for those who don't know yet. Checked out my schedule and I think I'm in for a sipeh boring, sipeh stressful, sipeh busy year. Kinda worried for December and January period, as many friends are coming back at the time, hope that I can manage to study for the exams as well as spend time with them.

The only happy thing about today was that I just received some photos from SiewYin. Hope she's doing fine over there as today is her first day as well. Wanted to post the pics in the last post but I guess it's pretty occupied by itself. So guess I'll just post them here. These are the pics at Italiannies.

KC with pekcek look :" How come got such person sit next to me?! "
YL :"Hocai we didn't sit there, hor? "
Me :" Hocai! But pity KC. "


Group photo 1
Me :" WTF, Is that Tommy's hand? "
YL :" Yala, aboh? "
YZ :" SI MEH? "
Me :" Eh Tommy is that your hand ar? "
Tommy :" Of course, I'm bringing Chin Loong and Huey Nee together ma! "
Me, YL, YZ and KC :" L P! "

Group photo 2. Yz :" ??? "

Group photo 3

Some people wondered what Tommy's 我参你们的吗 post was all about. Here's a short story that emulates what happened. It all started on a day when we were hanging out, we bumped into Tommy and asked him whether he wanted to join us or not. Tommy:" I got plans with Taylorians, but don't forget, 我参你们的吗! " Then he did that pose and slided backwards.

The next time we asked him, "Eh Tommy ai cham us mai? " Tommy:" Eh sorry la cannot, got appointments with my fishies. " Our response:" Kononnya 我参你们的吗! "

Tommy's bag o' fishies. If you watch closely, you can see him drooling. LOL!

Finally, SiewYin+Me+ Unknown

Monday, September 15, 2008

Summer has come and passed

It's been a week since my last post. It's been a pretty busy week with plenty of memories I want to keep. So this is definitely gonna be an extra long post, as it took me more than a day to write it. * Late post due to unavailability of pictures. Will update more photos later as soon as I receive them from SiewYin.

10-9-08 , Wednesday - Went to Aeon with KC and Tommy to get some clothes. We went shopping in Esprit because there was sale going on and I have an extra 20% discount due to my mom's birthday this month. KC bought a pair of pants right after he tried it. As for me, I pretty much tried every pair of trousers in the shop before finding a pair that suited me. And guess what? It was the same pair that KC bought! LOL! And there was some drama inside the shop as I accidentally lost my Esprit card in one of the pants. So we + the shop attendant helped us to pat every pocket in the shop to find the card. I felt pretty guilty, because I caused a lot of trouble to the attendant. Sorry!

Stayed at Tommy's for the night because I was conned to go to HP center with him the next day. The way he said it sounded so simple :" Hey Chris, tommorrow wanna go Midvalley? We just going for lunch with YZ, then go HP center awhile, then go Midvalley shopping awhile then can come home d." But it turned out to be a sipeh stressful day for me, more elaboration in the next paragraph.

11-9-08, Thursday - The day started pretty OK, lunch with YZ, then YZ took us to HP center. But things started to go downhill from there onwards, all because Tommy didn't know the directions to Midvalley and he insisted on trusting his phone gps system. Even starting the journey took half an hour because he didn't want to move without setting up the gps. And before that, when YZ was giving him directions to Midvalley, Tommy kept saying :" Yalaa~ I know la I know la", so I trusted Tommy, even though I did not understand 50% of what YZ was saying. So we were finally on the road after Tommy found Midvalley on his phone, with the help of KC, of course. I've only took that way to Midvalley once before, so kinda remembered some bits and parts of it with the help of YZ's 50% of directions. So we were going down the road, Tommy still having no idea where he was going, I saw a Bangsar roadsign and immediately told him to turn left, but he didn't believe me! He was like:" Yameh? Sure Boh? I remember last time is not like this wan leh". KC:" You want us go to Holland is it?!" and when he finally came to his senses and trusted me, he made a 90 degrees turn in heavy traffic and I almost wouldn't be here blogging anymore. After we survived that turn, I was starting to get annoyed. I figured it would be the best idea to keep silent when he asked me for directions, and only tell him where to go at the last second, or else he will keep doubting me and eventually endanger our lives and emotional health.

Tommy:" Chris, where to turn ar? I really duno le..."
Me:" ......."
Tommy:" Gonna reach the junction d le.... Faster say le"
Me:" ........."
I say softly:" Turn left"
Tommy turns left, all is peaceful, great success. After tons of last minute directions, we reached Midvalley safely. Nothing much to say about the trip in Midvalley, but there is a few pictures that are worth sharing.

The only camera that caught me stealing the hyperdunks off someone who doesn't need it as much as I do.

Guess who is inside the cubicle? None other than Tommy. He told us he needed to water the plants but didn't tell us that he had to apply fertilizer to them as well and we ended up waiting outside for him for God knows how long.

12-9-08, Friday - It was Siew Yin's + Tommy's farewell gathering. I started the day with breakfast with a very special friend. We've known each other since primary, but only became good friends during secondary. Haven't seen her for some time, but still enjoy her company a lot. After that, went to Sunway Pyramid's Red Box with Tommy, SiewYin, Yl, Yz, Tc, Kc, Shian, Cl, HueyNee, and Joo. I will never forget how Yz sang 落叶归根, I don't think anyone will! (LOL Yz mai dulan!).

It soon reached dinner and we initially wanted to have Chillis, but due to my bad memory, we went to TGIF but it was fully booked, so finally we settled for Italiannies. The food wasn't very satisfying but we had a great time overall. Sadly, there won't be another outing together with Tommy and SiewYin in a long long time, hopefully it won't be the last and the next one will come soon. T.T

Tommy's infamous Wo Chan Ni Men De Ma 我参你们的吗 pose

13-9-08, Saturday - Was a very tiring day for me. It was Siew Moon's birthday and I called her during midnight but got her voice mail. Left a message and went to bed as I had to wake up at 5 a.m. the next morning to send my bro to the airport as he's going on a holiday with his gf. My cell rang in the middle of the night. Thinking that it was my alarm, I went and off it. But instead, it was a phone call from an unknown number, at 2 a.m.? I hesitated before answering it, but thank goodness I answered it in time, as it was Siew Moon! As I was really blur, I just wished her before dosing off to sleep again, promising to call her later. So I sent my bro to the airport, then came back and had breakfast with my dad, and went to do grocery shopping. We went and bought 2 weeks worth of food, because according to my bro, things are gonna get pretty messy with our government soon, so it's better to stock up on some food. Better safe than sorry, I guess. After shopping, got a call from Tommy, asking me to accompany him to HP center again. Despite knowing that it'll probably be another stressful occassion but decided to tag along, since it was his last day in Malaysia for this year and I don't want him to get lost and be unable to go back to India. So I went home, called Siew Moon and had a good chat with her before going to HP center with Tommy, KC, and YL. And true enough, I think that if I didn't go along, Tommy would definitely get lost in PJ. And to make things worse, HP center does not open on weekends. So Tommy's laptop will be stuck in Msia while he flies back to India. But no worries, since Tommy has backup laptops, he can use another one in the mean time. Carrying on, we went to Old Klang Road to pick up some stuff before going back to Klang to have some very JENG wantan mee and cendol Klang. Hope Tommy enjoyed his last meal in Klang as much as we did. After having that late lunch, I went to a mooncake festival party/ gathering in Chia Nee's house. Very guilty that I couldn't go and send Tommy off as I had already promised ZJ and CN that I will go. Tommy's mom made me even more guilty as she bombarded me with a lot of "BOH XIM"s when i called Tommy. Sorry Tommy! Will send you off the next time! Back to the party, it was pretty fun mixing with people from my old class, as well as CN's classmates from Monash. We even played lanterns together and messed with kids + families in Setia Eco Park. Got back home around 1 a.m. and felt very emo out of the sudden. So many friends already left Msia, another just left, and another dear friend was leaving the next day. Felt an urge to call and talk to SiewYin like we used to quite often in our secondary days but sadly she was already asleep. Guess it had to wait till the next day.

Why is everyone posing with the Down syndrome kid in black?!

Been a long time since we played with lanterns

Tommy the king of fishermen at the airport. So busy getting calls from his fishies.

14-9-08, Sunday - It was a really sipeh emo day for me. Couldn't find a chance to talk to SY before she left. And when we went to the airport to send her off, we felt so out of place, so negligible there. Her family and college friends came as well. When we first arrived, she was bonding with her college mates, so we waited at a side for our turn. Then she went over to chat with her family. But after that she suddenly turned from her family and picked up her stuff, waved and said to us:" Hey I'm going already". It stunned me, I looked at the time, she still had more than an hour before her flight takes off. I didn't care about the reason why she wanted to go in so early. All I was trying to do was thinking of the things I wanted to say to her, it was on my mind the whole night before but I couldn't even muster a syllable at the moment. Realising that there wasn't much time left, I extended my hand to shake hers and said:" So i guess this is it, huh?" This is where she completely threw me off guard. She put down her luggage, and gave me a hug. I was touched, I was sad, and again, I was stunned. As we embraced, tears were forming in my eyes, I was lost for words, I wanted to tell her that she was a very dear friend of mine, I wanted to tell her to take care of herself and that she'll always have a friend to rely on if she needs one, I wanted to ask her whether she remembered the things we used to talk about, the dreams we shared, the promises we made. Most of all, I wanted to tell her that I will miss her. Instead, I said the stupidest thing ever. "Jiayou jiayou". ARGH! OMG! I wished that somebody had taken a gun and shot me there and then. What a fool I made of myself. She was going to study, not the Olympics! It all happened so fast, and before I knew it, we were already waving goodbye to her while she made her way down the escalator. I'm sorry, SiewYin. Words could not express the sadness and guilt that I felt.

那种感觉很微妙 不可解 - 五月天

The only pic I have at the moment. Updates coming soon.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Time is running out

Wasted the whole day fixing my computer because it refused to boot up today. Might be because I formatted the D drive yesterday. Did not backup my stuff so I decided to install windows on D drive, so i could throw all my stuff from C into D and then format C but I was so so wrong. But I only found out after a whole day of reinstalling my stuff. Now both drives can't be formatted and I have insufficient hard disk space. Doh! Guess I just have to bear with it.

Went for a class gathering + Chia Nee's birthday celebration last Saturday at Centro. Did not expect that she would show up, but she did! I was pretty early reaching the venue so I was standing there waiting for people to show up and there she was. The sight of her melted my heart. Tried to say hi to her but she avoided eye contact. And when I finally caught her eye and waved, she didn't even fake a smile but merely lifted a palm. She made it clear that she did not want to have anything to do with me anymore so I respected that. But it was awfully awkward as people knew that we weren't speaking to each other, so the gathering was kinda splitted into two groups. But still had a pretty good time catching up with some of the people from my old class, just wished more people could show up next time. Here are photos of those who attended that day and a solo picture with me and the birthday gal - Chia Nee.

Went for a movie and another sipeh boring dinner with Tommy the next day which was Sunday. We watched Money Still No Enough. It was actually pretty good, funny and touching. I give it 4 stars and recommend anybody who like kpkb comedy to watch it. And while I was at the dinner, I had a lot of time to think things through. As I was wasting time at the dinner, time was gonna have its revenge. Sad to say, another few of my friends are leaving Malaysia this week, Siew Yin my dear is going off to Birmingham, Kai Feng my dai lou is going off to Scotland, Tommy my fishing teacher is going back to India. Not much more time to spend with them, but I wish them a blessed journey and pray that they won't forget me no matter what course in life we adventure into. They will be missed.

Siew Yin acting cute & Kai Feng doing what he does best

As for Tommy, what he does best, can be shown through the frustration and speechlessness in this photo. See someone like this, and you know he's nearby.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A piece of somebody else' mind

Woke up today around noon to find that there was no lunch at home today. So I decided to call up Tommy and Kc to see whether they wanted to have lunch. KC:" Ok sure! But I need Tommy to fetch me" Tommy:" Let me sleep awhile more, later go eat"

OK fine. So while waiting for them to come over, I spent the afternoon chatting while downloading some And1 mixtape vids since its been awhile since I've seen some mind boggling, ankle breakin' moves. I had a very interesting time talking to Chia Nee. Has been awhile since I saw her online so we caught up. I always thought that she was the most innocent and pleasant person that I've ever known but today I learnt a very interesting thing about her. She is soooooooooooooooooooo racist. There are a lot of racists in our country but I never thought that she would be one. The thing she said to me really drove me banana sandwich! I couldn't stop laughing when I saw what she wrote.

It all started when she asked me when am I gonna get a facebook account (which she does everytime we chat). I said that I am too lazy to keep track of it so I just rather stick with an inactive friendster account. Then this is where she said:" u know wat? i feel tat friendster is like corrupted....." When I asked her why, she replied:" coz got melayu version... i feel so BABI!" LOL! Citizens of Malaysia always link government officials with corruption, but this is too much! When I told her how creative I thought she was, she said:" What is so funny? I'm serious! Must got some malays who play frenster but their english sucks, so they bribe the friendster to create a malay version for them!! " LOL! So I went on to explained to her that maybe that version was made for people from Indonesia as they do not use English much over there. Her response made me roar out in laughter:" Oh no wonder the indonesian-chinese in Monash all speak malay. So sien, make me feel tat i am in a out-dated country!! Coz I hear malay....more than eng... wth!! I really hope Malaysia improves, or not next time i'm gonna move to China!" That really makes me wanna say, and you all can say it with me, DA-BE-LIU-TEE-EFF! HAHA, she doesn't fail to amuse me everytime I chat with her.

I was feeling so hungry that I thought I was gonna get gastric and admitted into a hospital any minute. Waited for four hours till I suddenly received an sms from Tommy:" You go eat ba, no need wait for me" Cheou Chii Boon Tommy, don't know how to tell earlier ar? I don't have food reserves one ok? I'm not a friggin' camel. Gonna go make myself some food and get admitted into hospital so I'm signing off for now. Thanks Tommy!

Breaking news:
Tommy sms-ed me:" Hey later dinner at 7pm ok? "
Me:" I can't go, I got gastric from waiting for you"
Tommy:" Oh shit, then nvm la"
Me:" ................................ " *WTF*