Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I Don't Understand!

Been awfully busy lately and didn't think that I would be able to find the time nor mood to blog. BUT, today I woke up from an epiphany, and I had a sudden urge to blog. All my frustration wanted to get off my back by jamming on the keyboard. But don't worry fellow readers, I'll try my best to be entertaining and not pass on my frustration to you. Gonna be another sipeh long post, but hopefully it'll be quite joyous to read =)

I think I'll kick this post off with the usual updates. Last week was a disaster for me. I Had to choose between my work and a guys night out at the club. Not that I am a club-freak or anything, just that its been a year since I went dancing with my friends. Hence, I decided to put in few sleepless nights just to finish my work on time, hit the club on Thursday, and skip class on Friday. And the thing about skipping class on the due day is that you have to ask people to hand up your work for you, and if you have ever done that, you would definitely have noticed that everyone would be waiting for you to finish your work before they even begin. And the work that took you uncountable amount of hours to complete would only take those so called "Friends" of yours, or Sons of Bees as I call them, a few minutes to complete. I'm sure that everyone would agree with what I said. And if you're reading this and going:" Hey I don't think that I agree with you" , I have a little fun fact for you: You're the person I'm talking about!

LOL no offense to anyone who didn't agree with me though. So about the clubbing experience at Euphoria, the place was decent but the DJ's choice of music was just horrible. I'm the kind of person who loves to dance sober so without good music, things just won't click for me. But I really don't understand why Euphoria's dancefloor was so packed with people, either they're drunk or they don't care what kind of music is playing, as long as they get to feng tao (shake head) . For more info about the clubbing experience, can refer to Eric's post at imbaniub-emo. Another thing that I don't understand, is what makes Yl dance like that. LOL YL mai dulan! He was without a question the HIGH-est guy in the whole of Euphoria. He was even more high than all the couples french kissing on the dance floor. Seriously, he reminded me of Hard Gay because he looked like he was humping an invisible pole and he did it at an extremely high frequency, occasionally throwing in some "Woo!"s and "Yeah!"s, adding to the humping feeling. Ask anyone who was there that night and they would gladly show you how it looks like.

Hardo Gay

Just that night, so many things happened that I didn't understand. There were so many things that just wouldn't register in my logic. For instance, why Thong Chin and gang would bring a cake to a club, why would they stand in line for half an hour and then walk back out of the line when it was their turn and stand in line for another hour, why would Chee Wei be drunk just after two glasses of alcohol, why would he smash beer bottles when he was drunk, why drunk people talk so much and refuses to admit that their drunk, why Kelvin's gf made a 100+ km/hour sharp turn when there were so many lives (including mine) in her hands, and why she wouldn't stop when she heard our high pitch screaming! I could have swore that the guys that sat behind couldn't feel their balls after that turn. NOT JOKING!

Moving on, as for this week, its my Christmas Break! But things are sipeh rushed and I don't think I will have any time to enjoy Christmas. First of all, me and few of the guys have to plan for our last minute Langkawi trip because some of the others are so 發.ing free but refuse to help in the planning. And what I don't understand is why are they so eager to keep asking about the plans for the trip when they don't intend to lend a hand in the planning? It's so 德發.ing annoying receiving a message asking about the trip when we are pulling our hair out, looking for a place to stay. Till now we still can't find a place to bunk on the 27th because the whole 發.ing Langkawi is fully booked. Guess we'll just have to sleep on the beach and feed the mosquitoes for a night.

Another thing that is really frustrating is that on the day I skipped class, the class was given assignments that needs to use the college's resources before the break and is due right after the break. How am I supposed to go do my work in college when the college is closed for Christmas? I don't understand! Another genius act by the lecturers of KBU. Just that day I went to Kwang Hua to play basketball, and was walking by the corridors when i saw posters that were promoting KBU on notice boards. I would have tore those posters down without hesitation if there wasn't a locked glass door standing between me and the posters. ARGH!

Amidst of my frustration, I had to go to McD to get a Cornetto Sundae, hoping that the Cornetto Sundae would ease my stress. Even as I was lining up to get my Cornetto Sundae, just staring at the poster of the Cornetto Sundae filled me up with GLEE. The way the chocolate chips and and crushed cones were sprinkled on top of the chocolate and vanilla ice cream was enough to make me feel PROUD to be apart of community that was standing in line to pay and get their tasty treats. So I got to the counter, paid for my Sundae, and waited at the side patiently while the guy was preparing my Sundae. And when he was done, he turned around with my Sundae and OH, it was just glowing in the light. However, through closer inspection, I noticed that its glow was dimming as it approached my hand. I noticed that something was missing. I took the Sundae, looked up at the poster and compared the two, and I noticed that the chocolate chips were absent from my Cornetto Sundae! So I called out to the guy and said :" Excuse me, but where are the chocolate chips ?" And this dude turns to me and says with a very familliar but ever annoying Indian Slang:" Sorry La, the chocolate chips... No more edi La... Sorry La..." Can you all imagine that kind of Indian Slang + the shaking of head as Indians always do? As soon as I heard that, I snapped. I was so pissed at the way he handled the situation. He wanted to give me the crappy Sundae without chocolate chips and expected me not to notice it? And cincai say sorry after I waited patiently with a long community of people and paid a quite-expensive-and-I-deserve-to-get-my-satisfaction-price? I stared into his eyes long and hard, his eyes did not show any sign of apology even though he kept repeating " Sorry la ". My teeth were clenched and I was trembling, I felt that it was gonna happen, my fist slowly was about to turn into 'The Finger'. But then just before I was going all out on that guy, I looked up and saw the Cornetto Sundae poster, just gleaming and beaming at me, they were so dandy that they just found a way to calm me back down. I said:" Nevermind" with the tone of my voice sounding like :" STFU " and walked away eating the crappy half Cornetto Sundae sadly. To think of it, I should have gotten a refund! It tasted so crappy without the chocolate chips. And what is it with that Indian slang? It really just made me snap! I definitely wouldn't be pissed if it was a lady with a sexy voice, or even a guy with a sexy voice, for that matter. I Don't Understand!

Now this is the climax of the post. Just now, my faith towards the human race just dropped lower. Just when I thought that the thinking of the world was starting to improve, my optimism failed me, big time! Not only that, my racism level just up-ed a notch. To be honest, I'm not very racist compared to many people I know, but after my encounter just now, if you are darker than Ching Hong or Thuan Shih, 發 U ! That's how bad it is. Now heres how it all goes down. We were heading for some late supper at Esso mamak. We reached the area and were crossing the road to reach the mamak. Just before we crossed, there was this sipeh-ah-beng car with white lights making its speeding sound (not fast at all but very loud) coming down along the road, so we waited till he passed then only cross. As we were crossing, I and TC were getting all excited talking about something and I pointed in the direction of the car on the opposite side of the road (not the ah beng car). That sipeh-ah-beng car suddenly jammed the brakes and reversed. He opened the door, a 發.ing Indian ( Yeah that's what I call them now) stuck his ugly mug out and started shouting all kinds of profanities at us, especially me. The 發.ing Indian went:" U MAU MATI KAH?! TUNJUK APA?! KNB@CJB PUKIMAK! " We were like:" WTF? Is he talking to us? " Just the way his slang went with the KNB@CJB made me wanna laugh out loud but the situation didn't permit me to. We kept quiet, still blur about wtf just happened. Then another 發.ing Indian came out from the passenger's seat, standing beside the car and doing the "What's Up" counter nods with his head. That's when we knew what was going down. This 2 發.ing skinny and short Indians wanna pick a fight with us, four guys who are pretty tough, over a finger I pointed. And it isn't even my good ol' middle finger which I flash so often, proudly as well. So I said:" Saya tunjuk kancil itu la, bukan tunjuk u" The 發.ing Indian starts to get emo:" JANGAN BOHONG LA! PUKIMAK U! SAYA TAKDA CAKAP U, U TUNJUK SAYA! CINA BABI! " LOL! Sipeh Emo! Was he about to cry? Was my index finger a bullet that pierced through his emo little heart? Aww that poor poor 發.ing Indian. Maybe I should have consoled him and gave him a tissue. But, knowing this kind of people, especially those gangster wannabes from Klang, things aren't always what they seem. They won't be so brave if they didn't have more people than you, and if they don't, and judging by their tiny sizes, they've gotta have weapons in their ah beng car. So I made my final statement, and I did it Tommy style :" Saya betul betul takda tunjuk u, Chill LA~ " and I sealed the "Chill LA~" with the annoying Indian slang that they always use, and I asked the guys to continue walking. The 發.ing Indian continued to emo, shouting some more profanities at me, but we just ignored him and continued walking on. Now he gets even more emo, revving his car real high while moving his car real slow beside us. Then he speeds a few meters and stops at a red light, then I think he paiseh to continue staying there, then terpaksa rev some more then only run the red light to save face. LOL! Can you believe how stupid these guys are? I Really Don't Understand WTF these people are thinking! Thanks to him he was our topic for the mamak session we were having. We laughed non stop! And while we were talking about this, I just recalled that I'm the guy who gets into the most trouble due to misunderstandings. People just keep picking random fights with me over nothing. I'm starting to feel that I must have pissed a lot of people off in my past life. Even after I've taken the necessary precautions like having decent haircuts and wearing decent clothing, I still run into situations like these quite often. To think about it, I'm already quite calm when stuff like these happen. I don't tremble in fear no more and think rationally.

Advice for those who have not encounter situations like this:
1. Always analyze the situation - First thing to do is to look at their sizes, their numbers, and whether they have weapons. If any of the above is more than you, control yourself and save your fight for another day.
2. Do not get smart with those people - These kind of people are normally brainless and pompous to say all the wrong things. I've tried 'bombing' them and using sarcasm as my defense but it only makes it worse! And their reactions always make you wanna LOL, which is a bad thing in a situation like that. They would always pause for a few seconds after you 'bomb' them because of their slow processing speed, and after that few seconds have passed and their brains have registered that " This guy is making fun of me", they would get even more pissed off and start swearing a lot in front of your face and trust me, by the time they've done swearing, your face would be all wet, covered up with all sorts of disgusting fluids. Not a wise choice.
3. Do not walk away without answering them - Always leave an explanation before you decide to leave the scene. You will definitely make them more sia suei than they already are if you ignore them and walk away, even more if their still harassing you while you are walking/ignoring them.
4. Leave your ego out of the equation - Do not be scared of being a chicken in such situations. Being the chicken would always be the wiser choice in these situations. I can't remember how many times I wished I was more chicken, because my Leo-like pride always forces me to challenge those people as I never think that I will lose to uncivilised scum like that.

Ok, I better end this debate people that I don't understand, and move on to lighter stuff, like Christmas! This is gonna be a real busy and feeling-less Christmas. I feel that I don't even have the time to stop and enjoy the Christmas spirit. Gonna be helping out in the kitchen this year, grilling the leg of lamb and toasting the garlic bread, making salad, mashed potatoes and mixing drinks. The feeling just ain't the same without my mom around. Really miss her so so much. Hope the lamb I'm preparing would be even half as good as the one she makes. Before I sign off, Wish me luck! Have a Merry Christmas people! And If you're wondering what to give me for Christmas, get me some boxing gloves so that I can't point at people! LOL!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Surprises! *edited due to unforseen circumstances*

Waking up from a lazy holiday's morning after a crazy crazy week, there's nothing better than listening to Mayday's music, sipping on some hot chocolate, catching up with some old friends while looking back on what happened the whole week. What seemed to be a torturing week eventually ended quite perfectly, full of surprises, fellowship, and outbursts of laughter.

Before I begin, I just noticed that I got 3000 hits on my blog! Thanks to all the readers that are willing to 'keh po' about my life, and to the stalkers who view but don't comment. LOL! Not talking about anybody in particular but hope to receive more 'holla's from all friends, especially those that I don't see or hear from often. I miss all my friends, and it doesn't matter whether we are close or not, you guys will always be friends of mine. So do leave a message at the cbox if anybody has the chance. ( No spam allowed, though ) By the way, Congrats to Tommy for finding a girlfriend! Hope both of you will have a fruitful relationship! Anybody who has chat with Tommy recently will definitely know that he has a gf. Why you might ask? Let me emulate the conversation I had with him the other day.
Chris:" Yo Tommy, India seems very dangerous lately, how are you doing?"
Tommy:" Yo... I'm fine BUT I'm not single anymore :) "
Da-be-liu-tee-eff, anyone?

Hope Tommy won't make her kek xim like he does to me

Ok, now for updates. Continuing from the last post (Saturday night, 29th Nov), received an unexpected call from Kelvin. Seems like his plans for clubbing failed and he needed a place to crash. So he came over to my place and we caught up till late before we finally slept. Haven't had a long talk with K for maybe a year plus and it's really good to have him back here in Malaysia. Went for bakuteh with K and Derrick the following morning because K hasn't had bakuteh in a year! That might not be long to most, but for people from Klang, it's an eternity. Sending K & Derrick back was the last leisure activity I did for the whole of Sunday and Monday as another Maths test was just around the corner.

I took a break from class on Tuesday because I "wasn't feeling well" but instead I went to play basketball in the morning. Honestly, I got my a$$ kicked by a girl in basketball. Even though I was going easy on her, I still lost 2 games out of 3 to her. This makes me think that she can win 90% of the guys in my college. Went home and had a nap after basketball because the weather was killing me (Damn you global warming). After I woke up from the nap, my week went downhill. Fell very sick with high fever and sore throat. I took all sorts of precautions before the next day but it was to no avail. The next day was pure torture as it was a full day of class and I couldn't rest when I got back because my test was on the following day. But, the good thing is that I somehow managed to get through the week, with the help of tons of water. Seriously, I've never drank so much water in my life! I was finishing 3 1.5 litre bottles of water even before noon, and in the afternoon I would feel so overheated that I wished I could drink from the firehose. Thank God that's behind me now.

My shoes + Her shoes

Friday came (Woohoo!) and it was really a day of surprises. It was that new friend's birthday (By the way her name is Carmen) so I stayed up to wish her. After wishing her and all, we continued to chat and things were heading in a very odd direction. I agreed to celebrate her birthday with her, then she started to give me some big hints which put me into a very awkward position.

*edited due to unforseen circumstances*

So the next day came. Went and met her for awhile in the afternoon before I went for a class gathering while she went for her own birthday celebration. The class gathering was at Chi Liung and was organized by Zee Joo. It felt great to see my old classmates again after quite some time! Everyone has changed quite a bit and I was really surprised to see Adrian, Siew Lin, Yee Ting, Hui Wen, Hui Cheen, Yu Ying at the gathering. I didn't even know that Adrian was still alive. LOL just kidding!

5S1 kakis
Zee Joo's nostalgic pose. Is it just me, or is her arm larger than mine?

After the gathering ended, I went to celebrate Miss Carmen's birthday. It was a very simple celebration. I bought a tiny cake and sang a birthday tune for her and she made her wish. However, while we were on the way back I received another surprise that day.

*edited due to unforseen circumstances*

Guess that day was the day I unofficially became double. Surprised, anyone?

Her Birthday Cake

Saturday came and it felt forever since I woke up from a good night of sleep. I went for basketball and then went grocery shopping with the guys. We were buying stuff for a BBQ on Sunday. We did the stupidest thing that day. I left my car at Tc's house and we went to basketball together. After basketball Tc left his car at Chin Loong's house and we went to eat using Kelvin's car. We then went shopping together at Tesco using Han Wei's car. In the end we went back in Kelvin's car to fetch CL home. And when we reached CL's house, TC said he left his car keys in Hw's car. So Kelvin decided to fetch me to get my car at Tc's house. Halfway, I remembered that my car keys were in Tc's car. LOL ! Then Kelv sent me home but I actually left my house keys in my own car. WTF! Luckily my bro was still awake at the time.

Sunday came and it was BBQ time! WOOHOO! Been such a long time since we last had a gathering like that. Only get to see Chee Long few times a year and I had so much fun that even the rain and my bad throat wasn't gonna bother me. And to make things better, we ended the day by doing what we do everytime we meet up,! It's kinda like a bunch of guys chilling in a room, talking about all sorts of stuff from the past till the present. I will never forget how Chee Long used to be a promoter:" Hey u got gf or not? I got gf liao le... wan c pics or not? that day i took her go see fireflies, sipeh romantic!" and how his gf became a lesbian after breaking up with him. LOL! Girls beware of Chee Long, there are risks of being lesbians if you mix with him too much. But the Jing Dian of the night was the detector and tsunami story. Unforgettable.
After the BBQ

The next day was a public holiday and we went to sing K together! Woohoo again! Haven't sing K till so HIGH in ages. We came out of the place sweating + out of breath because we jump till beh hoseh. Chee Long's dancing skill really not bad, especially the part he hopped on one leg across the room. LOL! However, singing K during a public holiday really blew a hole through my wallet. Luckily we really had fun, so it was worth it!

Took another day of leave from college and spent Tuesday afternoon with my girlfriend ( still not used to using the word "my girlfriend". Everything happened very fast and reality hasn't really kicked in for me yet) and Tuesday night with the guys. She cooked me some simple but definitely sweet lunch. Thanks =) Went to J card day with the guys and my gf on Wednesday. Got packed like sardines but I didn't buy anything. The others got plenty of cheap goodies, especially Han Wei, he keep pi heng with his brand new jacket.

Phew, what a sipeh long post! It took me all day to finish this post, there goes my homework. Guess I'm up for another week of sleepless nights. Hope all of you enjoyed this sipeh long post. Do leave some comments or drop by to say hi if you're free. Take care everyone! Have a nice weekend ahead!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tiring but happening week

Been more than a week since I last blogged and my, has this been a busy week! Haven't slept this little in quite some time already. I think I'll share some stuff about what's been going on in college first. Finished my Maths 2nd class test on Monday and will be having the third next Thursday. Got the results today and I must say I'm quite disappointed. Thought I was gonna get full marks again but instead got some marks deducted due to skipping some easy steps. However, I'm considered quite lucky. There were people who got half of their marks deducted even though they got the answers correct but skipped some of the steps.

Ok, moving on, just completed a business assignment today. Had to skip yesterday's class in order to finish it. But, I kind of used the time quite leisurely. Went out to lunch with a new friend of mine yesterday. Feels very weird getting to know a person from the internet, even weirder meeting a person you know from the internet after just 1 day of chatting. It was also the very first time I ate wat tan hor. The food got boring pretty fast but at least the conversation didn't. Haven't really social-ed with any new people recently and was very worried that I would forget how to. At times things would get awkward but that's usual during first meetings, right? Oh well, at least I have another friend to add to my sipeh small social circle. By the way, the first thing that the person said to me was that I had a very weird voice. Can anybody verify that? I do think I have horrible vocals but I didn't really notice that my voice was peculiar. Really need people's opinions on that.

Speaking of my 48 small social circle, it also expanded a bit recently, because Han Wei, Kelvin, Ching Hong, Hock, Loong Siang, and Hueh Xin are all back and on holidays now! Wee!~ Hung out with Kelv, Hw, Ls, and Ching Hong during this week and just celebrated Ching Hong's belated birthday just now. It was quite a special celebration as all of us were soaking wet due to the heavy rain. The area near CH's house was pretty much flooded and we were so worried that our cars wouldn't start after the celebrations. Thank God we all managed to make it home safe and sound. Darn tired now and have to catch up on some lost sleep. Good Night people! Have a great weekend! Will leave you guys with a few pics I took this week.

Wanted to go jogging but instead was attracted to the sunset till it got dark -.-

Maybe it's pointing towards me?

LOL! This shop's banner really makes you think the other way

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weirdos everywhere

I went to bed pretty earlier yesterday but was woken up by one of the weirdest calls ever. An old friend of mine called up in the middle of the night just to tell me that she was reading through her diary and found out what a great friend I was to her in the year 2006. Can you believe that? And when she asked me whether I remembered what it was about I was like, "Woot?". I was so blur from waking up in the middle night, still wanna ask me what happened 2 years ago. Well, in the end she didn't tell me what I did that gave me the honour of receiving that call from her but she instead just made me promise her that I must be her best friend for life. Weird huh? I wanted to ask her :" Is this about money? Coz if it is, just get to the point" but was worried I potong people's stim while they in the middle of LOL! So instead I just said OK and went back to bed with tons of question marks to dream about.

Woke up at 5 am to send my mom off. She's going to California (again!) and this time she's not going to be back for Christmas nor the New Year. Pretty sad that she's going so long and am definitely gonna miss her. Guess this Christmas will be another year without good cooking. Sigh...

Went to another half day of boring class and went for some horrible sushi lunch which costed me a bomb. Then went to the bank and Prudential's office to settle some stuff for mom while she's away. A weird thing happened at the bank today. The clerk asked me for my age and she gave me the "WTF" look when I told her I was 20. "So young ar?" When she asked me that it was my turn to give her my "WTF" look. Do I really look that old? Comments, anyone? Maybe I gotta sleep earlier and stop staring at the computer so much. Ok, just a quick update. Gotta get back to work. Good Night people!

Updated at 8.50 pm : Guess the weirdo prize for today goes to this guy and his style of frying char kueh tiao.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sudden change of events

Don't you just hate it when you have tons of work to do during the holidays? We always decide on doing it first and possibly study during the holidays but somehow or rather nothing goes according to plan and you end up with a pile of work adding into the busy period right after a short break. Anybody feeling me yet? Then the memory of the beautiful holidays turn into a nightmare because we spend the last day rushing the assignments that are due on the next day. Does this experience sound familiar? Well, it happened to me yesterday and waking up today was a friggin' hard task. Then comes the part where I promise myself to finish off work at the beginning of the next holidays to prevent this from happening again, but eventually fail to do so every time.

So I went to class drowsy with my out-of-bed hairstyle as usual. I think I've done this before but I'm gonna break it down for you guys again.

First Class, Further Engineering Maths - Used it to finalize some last minute work and catch up with friends on what they did during the short break. Why you might ask? Well, this lecturer totally pissed me off by giving me the most motivating reply I've heard.
Example, the first time I asked him :" Sir, may I use this method? Though it doesn't get the same answer, it still is a valid method of solving the question"
The old bugger looks at my working and replies:" I dunno la... Just use my method la"
Me :" Da Be Liu Tee Eff ! ! "
First time never mind, maybe he's lazy to read my long workings.
Second time I went up to him to question him about his workings instead :" Sir, how did you get from 2nd step to 3rd step? How would I know which approach to use when I see a question like this? "
And here goes the award to the most motivating answer ever :" Guna otak "
OU MAI GA! @#$%*#@! Thanks teacher! Tiu Lei Ma Kasih indeed. Next time when I use my brain, it will definitely tell me not to go ask you any more questions.

2nd class, Control and Instrumentation - Just stayed in class to get through to the other lectures in the afternoon. By this time I was feeling really sleepy already. Still gotta tahan till 5.30pm today. Jiin Huei and Hoe were also sharing the feeling of fatigue and we discussed whether we should ponteng. Ponteng? My eyes brightened up at the sound of it. "No! Better not, afternoon class quite important", I thought to myself. Then halfway through the lecture, the head of Engineering comes in to give us some of his usual BS. My Lye, aka Mr Lie, always BS-es people into joining KBU and rob them of their future. This time, he comes in and tells us that KBU just sealed the deal with IBM and they are coming over to monitor our performances in our studies. He kept glancing over at me the whole time, didn't know why but eventually he made it clear. He stated that scholarship students MUST exhibit proper attitude at all times and attendance is a MUST and that KBU has every right to pull the plug on our scholarships any time they feel we are misbehaving. He said a whole load of other crap about the economy and how people weren't able to find jobs + how good KBU is, etc but too bad I wasn't really paying any attention.
Then as soon as Mr Lie left the lecture theatre, Jiin Huei turned to me and asked :" I think he was talking about you just now, still wanna ponteng later?"
The words came out naturally :" Of course! "
and I skipped the two afternoon classes, had some lunch and slept the whole afternoon away till just now. Woo Hoo!

There will be consequences of my acts today, but I guess I have more important things to worry about at the moment. Gotta prepare for a class test next Monday and Complete an assignment by next Friday. To make things worse, friends from Australia are coming back this week. Gonna be rushing those work like crazy again. Might not be able to update in the near future but do Take care everybody!

P.S. Happy Birthday to Shaun and Charmaine. Though I won't get to celebrate with the both of you, I still hope you two will have a great birthday today. Cheers!

Pic of Kathleen, Me, Charmaine & AhCheen (Happy belated birthday to NHC as well)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A week of unknown holidays

It was a pretty hectic week last week. Had tons of labs to hand up and tons of activities planned (though not all went accordingly). Stayed in Damansara for a night that week to hang out with some friends. I managed to finally attend a day of frisbee practice but it wasn't as fun as expected. Everyone was so caught up in playing their own game that nobody really gave a damn about the new guy (poor me), so I eventually got bored out of my skull and went over to play basketball instead. I also had some Dota training with Bernard as the KBU's dota competition was coming up that Saturday and I haven't been playing for some time. We had fun but eventually had a disappointing lost at the semi-finals due to a little, but fatal mistake that one of our teamates made but oh well, we wouldn't win in the finals either, as Battleangel6, a former DNA-SK member was coincidentally studying in KBU. He used to be a representative for Malaysia and I hated him. He really made a fool of Malaysians during international games, saying unsportman-like things when Malaysia's leading and cursing when Malaysia's losing. Though I hated him then, the new Malaysia representatives aren't any better. So I guess all of them are like that, typical Malaysians.

As for this week, it's a week of holidays (Woohoo!). However, I've been enjoying through the most of it till I forgot that I have tons of work due right after the break. Another mistake I made is forgetting that people from Aussie are coming back next week! Though I'm excited, I'm also worried that I'll be too busy with work till I can't hang out with them, or worse and more likely, I'll be too busy hanging out till I forget about work. DANG! Getting torn between work and play really is frustrating. Good thing I don't have a gf, things would be much more complicated if I did (Though I can't deny that I am single and despo. LOL!). Hmmm, speaking of girls, I can't help but wonder what is it with girls nowadays? I don't know why, but recently, I really have the feeling that I haven't seen a female human being other than my mom. Sounds weird, but I am dead serious! It's bad enough that I go to a military college (because it seems like it's an all boys place), even when I go out I rarely notice the presence of any girls. There would be a one in a blue moon chance to see a girl that I can't take my eyes off but nowadays I won't even bother looking twice, coz' I feel that she either is already taken or if she's single, there's a good reason behind it, if you get what I mean. (Most, not all) Girls nowadays are as cunning as double agents in a 007 movie and that's probably why James Bond prefers his women married, they're certified and less complicated. Speaking of which, I just watched The Quantum of Solace yesterday and I must say it's very disappointing. Casino Royale was one of the best James Bond movies ever while the sequel to it was a total letdown due to horrible directing and the horrible script. It just doesn't do a veteran actor like Daniel Craig justice.

My can't help but fret that my one week of holidays are gonna be over soon. Kinda wasted it with playing games and watching Prison Break when I should have been finishing off some work so that things won't be so rushed near the due dates. Somehow these kinds of things always gets delayed. Sigh, guess I better get back in the working mood as soon as possible. Will update yall later.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I tell you!

Been a pretty busy week preparing for a Maths test. However, my efforts were pretty much in vain as the test was friggin' easy! The only hard part of the test was making sure that I wasn't caught when I was passing my paper around to others for them to copy my answers. Even though I didn't get caught that day, I'm still pretty worried that the teacher might be suspicious as almost all of the people that sat within my proximity will have the same answers and steps as me. But I don't really care anymore, since the teacher's a mega @$$-hole. After the test we had, some of my fellow classmates told me that there was a problem with the question and the teacher only told those who asked him about it. I was like "WTF?! Wasn't he supposed to announce it to the class?" And the people around me who copied my answers didn't even bother to tell me about the mistake. So the conclusion I had was, that I studied for few nights, just to help others get higher marks and eventually I would be the one with the lowest marks since they took my answers for the ones they didn't know and kept the ones they knew to themselves.
Sipeh AMGAN , I tell you!

However, when I was studying for the test, it gave me a lot of time to really listen to some new albums added to my collection of music. The album that I listened to first was Jay's new album, 魔杰座 (Capricorn) and I have to say, that imho it wasn't as nice as the previous album and definitely nowhere near the albums during the start of his career. Though there are quite a number of listen-able songs in this album, there aren't many songs that you will call classiscs in a few years time. Well, I guess a lot of people, especially girls, would disagree with my opinions about Jay (maybe because they are blinded), but I think that Jay's music is like recycled paper - you get the same thing, but with lower quality.
Sipeh Sien, I tell you!

Sipeh Lan Yeng pic of Jay

The second album that I managed to get my hands on was Taylor Swift's self titled album. I think that it's a really really nice album and I highly recommended it if you're okay with country music. I find country music pretty refreshing not to mention relaxing, listening to different kinds of instruments like banjos and violins. And there's just something about Taylor Swift's voice when she sings a love song, Sipeh emo, I tell you!

Last but not least, the album from my favourite chinese band, Mayday's Poetry of the Day After (五月天- 後。青春期的詩). Though it's not the most listener-friendly album of theirs, but it's definitely a good one if you're into Mayday's style of music. Why isn't it listener-friendly, you might ask. Well, it might need some time to get used to as this album has a pretty unique style. But after a few listens, it gets highly addictive, almost as if you're in "the zone". Many people might not understand why I'm so supportive of Mayday, but I feel that Mayday is what music is all about. They don't just make plain music which you just listen to, they express themselves, be it ideas, hopes, dreams or feelings. When you listen to their music, don't just listen, interpret. Most songs have really meaningful messages in them and that's what makes their music really able to touch people's heart. For example, there's a song called 如煙 in the new album, it didn't seem like much the first time I listened to it. But when I interpreted the meaning of the song, it just BLEW ME AWAY! I won't even call it lyrics, it's poetry in motion! I wonder how Ashin writes the lyrics, it really puts my poem in the last post to shame, sheer brilliance! You all have to listen to it. Sipeh Jeng, I tell you!

有沒有那麼一張書籤 停止那一天 
最單純的笑臉和 最美那一年

 雙眼只有無猜和無邪 讓我們無法無天 - 五月天

Our youth doesn't last forever, so cherish it. 'Cause before you know it, it'll be over, and it'll be too late to regret not making the most out of our most valuable treasure, which is life. ( No quotes here, this is from me. LOL!) So why are you still in front of the computer? Go out and live your life!

Update at 5.15 pm***
Went to Damansara with Weetat, Derrick and Hoe for lunch with Edward just now. Our trip to Damansara only lasted 2 hours, but it was a nightmare. We went for an overpriced lunch, then went back to Edward's condo, only to find that our car got clamped. Seems that you not only have to park at the visitor's parking, you also have to follow the numbers at the parking spots. WTF!? And the guard didn't bother to tell us that?! Then need to pay RM50 to unclamp it, even though it's their mistake. WTF!? It's like getting beaten by gangsters and you have to pay them. Sipeh Suei, I tell you!

Monday, October 27, 2008

I Wish

Was going through some old articles and poems I wrote for the school magazine and I came across a poem I wrote that was never published and was never shared with anyone. It was a poem about someone special in my life. Do excuse the childish rhymes as it was written a long time ago.

I Wish

Every time I think of her
I wish things between us weren't over
I wish that it still was the two of us
I wish we were still in love
I wish that she would answer my call
I wish she would understand
That I would give my all
Just to make things right again

I miss the sound of her voice
I miss the times when our world was just two-persons-wide
I miss the times when we're on the phone and she talks real low
'cause it's late and her mama doesn't know
I miss the times when we would refuse to hang up the phone
Because neither of us wanted to go to bed alone
I miss the times when warmth was just one call away
She was always there for me, she was the highlight of my day

I miss the time we went skating together
It was the only time we could hold hands
Without being teased by the others
She was able to talk to me freely
Like I was the only one around
She used to hold on to me
Like the only other choice was falling down
We skated around like we had nowhere we needed to go
Nice and slow
And I remember the time we walked back to the others
She dared me to hold her hand but ran when I tried
She looks so adorable when she is shy

I remember the troubled times I was going through
When the world turned against me
And there was nothing I could do
She told me that things were gonna be ok
She always had just the right thing to say
I remember the time we had our very first fight
She refused to speak to me, I couldn't sleep for nights
I remember the way we made things better
Her friends arranged for me to meet her
We never spoked in person before
We were so shy, made me tongue tied even more
It was a cold and rainy day, such romantic weather
We sat down on the floor, side by side with each other
For the first time she told me that she liked me
I was overwhelmed, those words swept me off my feet
I looked deep into her dreamy eyes, I didn't know what to do
But my heart already had the answers, and it made me say
"I like you too!"

Sigh, it's memories like those that brought an end to us
I couldn't stand the way she was able to talk to everyone I knew except me
It made me jealous
It was all cool when we were on the phone
We were as close as lovers can be
But in school, it was a whole different story
It seemed like she didn't even notice the existence of me
Every time she walked pass me I could barely breathe
I wonder whether she knew that she's the only person I could see?
It was torture, and if you were me then you'd be
Wishing someone would shoot me

I wish that I wasn't so selfish
I wish that I was contented with what we had going on
It was special, but now it's gone
The month she left was a month of tears
I tried to make things right but she wouldn't let me go anywhere near
I wrote my apologies and sent it in a card
But nothing was able to get through to her broken heart

I wonder whether she thinks of me
When times get lonely
I wonder whether she remembers the dreams we shared
The sweet laughter we had, the tears we shed
Looking back on things
It's hard not to find it all a little bitter sweet
And it's definitely nice to believe
That someone like her
Could ever love someone like me

I'm so sorry
I never meant for us to end like this

And would gladly turn back the sands of time
If I only had one wish

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Past 2 Weeks

The week before last week passed by with great difficulty. I was still figuring out a way to actually care about my education. I was wondering, what can I do to concentrate in class? Is it even worth paying attention to the gibberish? Was I wasting my RM250 per semester if I didn't pay attention? And then I wondered on further. Thank God I wasn't paying any fees for education at KBU. Do the people in my class, or anybody in KBU for that matter, think that they are getting their money's worth? Would I be paying more attention if I actually paid 20K a year to study here? And after a week of pondering and surveying the classes I took, the answer was, HELL NO! I wouldn't be able to understand what they were trying to say even if my life depended on it, let alone if I merely paid for it. So after acquiring these answers, last week passed with a little less difficulty, but it made me feel much more guilty. I don't think that I listened to even ONE class. We were either chatting about other stuff or doing our own homework, that is, if I didn't skip that class in the first place. And since I'm writing this post at this hour instead of doing my homework, I guess that I will be doing the same thing for the following week. Not proud of it, but I don't think I have any other choice.

Now for some lighter stuff, I'm gonna jot down a few things that happened in the past week and a half. First of all, I attended a musical called Dance My Love at City Harvest Church on 10th October (Friday).
We (Jy, Yz, Chris (Hing), Tzehowe, Seng Geak, Lynette, Eugene) were actually very impressed with the acting, singing, choreography, and filmography of the musical. It didn't seem like much from the flyer but it was actually very entertaining and touching. And the dance moves they had were pretty wicked, no surprise there as it was featuring the best dancers in town, including the finalist for “So You Think You Can Dance? Season 2″. We all had a good time that night even though the place was so so so HOT due to the amount of people that attended it. It was so packed that we ended up sitting on the steps of the staircase even though we reached there pretty early. But from my experience of going to the events hosted by this church, the people that attend them are so friggin' enthusiastic! For example, if the event was at 8pm, they would be lining up at the doors around 3pm. Insane right? The pastor even gave us 5 minutes of time to go around and shake hands with our neighbours, and his objectives of that was so that as we shook hands and got acquainted with our neighbours, we would squeeze in closer with each other. I think that you can imagine how packed it was when I say that there were more than 100 people sitting on the floor that night. And from what I heard, the musical was showing for 3 days that weekend and every session was jam packed. Simply unbelievable!

Hmm, other than Friday's musical, I really can't remember what I did the following Saturday and Sunday. Guess I was watching movies the whole weekend, but all i could remember was watching Hellboy 2:The Golden Army. Better blog more often or else I won't remember anything I've done in a few years time. Got hooked onto Prison Break when my cousin came over to visit me. He was surprised that I've never watched an episode of Prison Break and told me that I at least have to watch the first episode of it. BUT, after that first episode, I just couldn't stop. In my opinion, it was a masterpiece of a story and my heart was trying to burst out of my chest at almost every episode of it.

Moving on, last week was a week full of birthdays. Leong Hoe's birthday came first on the 13th of November (Monday). Here is a picture of his cake, appetizing huh?
It was actually two brownies, but it was later covered with tomato + chilli sauce + salt + pepper. Initially, our classmates forced him to eat it. But, he refused and insisted that Edward (the most pokai person I've ever known, and also a birthday boy of that week) had a piece as well. So, Edward sat beside Hoe and acted like he was eating a piece of the brownie, before he totally SMASHED that particular piece into Hoe's face and made a run for it!! Oh, what a classic scene that was. I don't recall a year that Hoe didn't get his face smashed into a cake. And after all these years, he still doesn't learn! LOL!

Edward aka Pokai

Wednesday arrived and it was time for Hoe to get his revenge on Edward. Actually, it wasn't only Hoe who wanted revenge. Almost everyone who spent his birthday with Edward around wanted revenge and sweet revenge was what they got that day. In order to stop Edward from running, a whole gang of us, comprised of students from different classes, grabbed hold of him right after class ended. We taped his arms togeter with duct tape and presented him his cake. I don't have a photo of it with me but I'll try to describe it. It was home made, and probably the most disgusting cake I've ever seen. The core was wheat bread with chilli + tomato sauce in it, and it was covered with tons of whipped cream and strips of chocolate which made it look like a giant pile of shit. With Edward all tied up, Ah Kai forced him to chow down on some of the disgusting cake. Then, the main event came. Winn said:" Edward, I'm sorry. YYAAarrrrrrrrrRRRHHH! " and he arched his hand back, looking like a quarterback ready to throw a football to a receiver at the other end of the field. Edward's eyes widened, " Winnn, Don't you dare throw..." AND BAMMMM!!!! Winn smashed the whole cake into his face! Upon impact, the whole area bursted with "OWH!"s and "HOLY SHIT"s. Man, was he pissed. But what could he do with his arms all tied together? Nothing. But he still tried, and that was probably the funniest part because he was chasing Winn with his hands all tied up and he was trying to headbutt him. LOL! Can you imagine that? That really left me and most of the others kneeling on the floor, clutching our stomaches, and laughing our arses off. But just when Edward stopped chasing them and we thought it was over, Ah Kai came back and smashed an egg on Edward's head and the whole process of chasing and headbutt-ing resumed. I laughed so hard that I had stomache cramps.

That Wednesday was also Kelvin See aka Tom Cruise's birthday. Even though we weren't able to celebrate with you, I still wish you well and hope that you had a smashing 20th birthday over there. Can't wait till you get back, bro!

Kelvin aka Tom Cruise

Friday came and KC came back from Semenyih and stayed at my place for the weekend. I, Jy and Kc watched Max Payne on Friday night and MAN, IT SUCKED! It was such a let down as the video game was one of the most revolutionary games of its time! The movie, on the other hand, sucked so bad that I give it a 1 out of 100. It was so boring that we didn't even believe that we were only in the cinema for an hour and a half as it felt like an eternity. I urge everyone to skip this movie if you had plans to watch it.

Mark Wahlberg and his horrible portrayal of Max Payne

Saturday was a historic day for me as it was the first time I traded an item through the internet. I managed to sell my Nike Air Forces and the guy wanted me to go hand him the goods over at SS15, Subang Jaya. I have to admit that the experience was pretty scary as you wouldn't know what the person looks like and whether they would be good people or not. Lucky for me, the guy that traded with me was a pretty nice guy and looked completely harmless. I wouldn't want to be trading with a huge gangster looking dude with scars on his face. Went to try the famous Uncle Seng's Noodles after the trade. It wasn't as legendary as it sounded, (One guy told me that it was the best noodles he has ever tasted and one day he is gonna hire Uncle Seng as his chef to let his family eat Uncle Seng's noodles everyday) but still it was pretty good. A quick shoutout to Chen Hong and Mark, Happy Birthday you two!

As for today, I spent the afternoon watching movies with Kc and meddling with my facebook account (Finally I setted up my facebook account after creating it some time back). Watched 21, the movie about blackjack, and Death Race. 21 was actually very interesting while Death Race was another one of those no-brainer action movie. As for the evening, I spent it running errands for my mom and sending Kc to meet his ride back to Semenyih. Getting pretty late, so I'm gonna sign off for now. Will edit the post tomorrow. Good night people!

21 - Really nice film, highly recommended

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Start of Class, again!

Monday, 6th October - The first day of class after the Raya holidays.
First class, Further Maths - Waste of time.
Second class, Control and Instrumentation - Waste of time.
Third class, Business and Management for Engineers - Didn't waste any more time by skipping it. Extremely lucky because the lecturer didn't take attendance today. WooHoo!

I think I'm allergic to my college. As soon as Maths started, had serious aches in my stomach that didn't go away even after bombing the toilet. The aches left me pale till after the second lecture. But just as soon as I decided to ponteng and stepped out of the college, there was something really different about the atmosphere outside that just made me feel better. I don't mean it like some kind of miracle, but the aches just were not as severe as it was. Damn you, KBU!

Downloaded and watched Iron Man for the third time. It's still friggin' awesome! Downloaded "Wanted" and "300" comics to read. The 300 is just as same as the movie while the Wanted comic is very different from the movie. Though it's not as fancy as the movie with the special effects that Hollywood has to offer, but it definitely has a much more interesting storyline. Highly recommended. Downloaded a few classic films like The Count Of Monte Cristo and Volcano High School but haven't got the time to watch them yet. Here's a couple of pics from Wanted and a pic I took at One Utama after lunch.

Wesley and The Fox

Wesley in Action

Me posing with a guy in action

Tuesday, 7th October - First Class, Don't remember what subject it was and what were it's contents but only knew that it was taught by Mr Pu - Waste of time. Second Class, Maths again - Don't understand anything but will put the blame on the lecturer. Class ended early so I went for a facial appointment with Ching Ling. It was my first time doing a facial but it was pretty ok for me. Didn't see much difference either but at least I acquired some knowledge about my skin type and the things that I can do to prevent freckles/blackheads. Just that I don't know whether I should get the products she was offering. When she was explaining the uses of the products, I felt like I was talking to my mechanic. If you have ever gone to a mechanic to get your car fixed, you would know what I mean. He would tell you that the secondary timing belt has to be changed, the spark plugs has to be changed, etc and you would just nod and believe every word he said because you don't know SH!T about anything that he was talking about. He could tell you that there was a wild unicorn that wandered into your tailpipe and you would be like:" Oh really? Oh my God, that's serious! A mythological being in my exhaust pipe? We can't be having that. How much would it be to get it out of there? RM7000? Ok, a task like that sounds like a RM7000 job. Thanks for not cutting my throat" Anybody get what I mean? Well, if you don't, you either have a really good car, or really good family members that do the job for you. Ended the evening with some jogging with my mom. Didn't adjust my ankle weights well and now my feet are killing me! Too tired and lazy to do my homework so I guess I'm gonna watch a movie before I go to bed. Goodnight people! Hope you have a great week ahead of you, at least a better one than mine.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Raya Holidays

After a frustrating first week of class, the one and only time of the year where some of our fellow country'M'en contribute to the happiness of our country arrived, and by that, granting most of us a week's worth of holiday. Quite a lot of stuff happened during this whole week, so I'm gonna break it down so I won't get confused with the timeline. This is gonna be a sipeh long + boring post cause I'm going to be jotting down almost everything I did just to remind myself what I did during the holidays.

Friday, 26th September - Started as another frustrating day at college. Apparently we have a new lecturer with a very pro-sounding Aussie slang. Before he spoke, I was saying to the others :" Oh no, this guy looks like a noob" But then as soon as he spoke, he not only surprised me, but he also managed to get the whole class' attention because of his pro-sounding Aussie slang. The people near me were all sitting up straight attentively like:" You're wrong, he seems like very pro like that". So I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and tried my level best to pay attention to whatever he was about to deliver, hoping that he would prove me wrong. Yet, by the end of the class, everybody had gotten into their usual slouch/ face down on the table position while I was kneeled and forehead on the floor, with my head in my hands (the ORZ pose). How could I have doubted myself? Why did I just waste 2 hours of my mind and will power to listen to that gibberish? I knew better than to trust the competence of the lecturers in KBU!
Another lesson learnt in KBU -
1. If it's a horrible slang like Mr Mario, things are what they seem to be (the lecturer really does suck)
2. If it's a very pro slang from the UK or Australia, the lecturer still sucks, and he only went over to the UK or Australia to learn the slang, and did not study there.

I was just grateful that the week of class was over and there was another week of holiday for me. How I wished that studying was like that - 1 week class, 1 week holiday, rather impossible eh? Anyway, later that evening I was actually supposed to meet up with Derrick for some Pak Lang nasi lemak and Klang Jaya fried chicken but we were actually joined by Yz, Eric, Jia Yee, Kc and the legendary Hock. Though Pak Lang wasn't open, we still carried on with the pretty delicious fried chicken. It was gonna be Hock's birthday at the stroke of midnight so Jia Yee and Derrick very seng mok-ly left as it would be more than 5 people if they stayed and that would make Hock a very very angry birthday boy. LOL! (You probably won't get this part if you don't know Hock)

It was pretty potong-stim because I had to fetch my mom from the airport at 11 p.m. and had to miss the regular 12 a.m. midnight-blowing-cake-thingy. But oh well, at least I knew that my mom was carrying my precious Nike Hyperdunks back for me. If you all haven't knew, I'm a shoe freak and I've been craving the "United We Rise" Hyperdunks for some time now (refer to August 19th's post for more info on the hyperdunks). And when my mom told me that her friend actually found it for me after going to 12 stores in the USA, I was extremely thrilled even though I had to wait a couple of months for it to get back. However, halfway through the wait, I got extremely devastated when my mom told me that friend of hers actually threw the box away. WTF?! The box actually can cost up to RM150! Another blow hit me when my mom got news that the shoes were actually a display set, as they were the last pair. WTF?! It's like telling me that my girlfriend is not a virgin on the eve of my wedding! But eventually I still accepted to take the shoe to be my lawfully wedded wife even though it's a display set. Now, Finally the shoe has arrived. When my mom showed it to me, I FREAKED THE HELL OUT! DA-BE-LIU-TEE-EFF!! It's not the version that I wanted! Now, I don't think many people could empathize with the way I felt, so let me explain it with reference to the previous examples. The shoes are like the girl of my dreams. It took so much effort and time to manage to court her and finally she agreed to marry me. But, on the eve of our wedding night, I found out that she wasn't a virgin. Yet I still carried on with the marriage as I loved her too much and didn't want to lose her. Then after we got married and were ready to get busy (if you know what I mean), it turns out that she is a transvestite/ah gua ! ARGH! 哇德发!! I was crushed inside. I couldn't sleep and spent the whole night thinking of the all the waiting and training I went through just to wear the shoes. All of which were in vain due to my mom's so-called friend. Gone to 12 stores konon, such BS. Excuse me for using harsh alphabets but I was really pissed at the thought of paying RM430 for a pair of shoes that I don't even want.

The Hyperdunks 08 version

Saturday, 27th September - Got up from bed early to have breakfast with the guys at the legendary roti canai place and then hung out at my place. The guys left around lunch time and I had a nap before going out to celebrate my mom's birthday at Euro Deli, PJ. Another awkward family outing as my parents are actually not talking to each other. So you can imagine the silence from the drive to the restaurant, while waiting for the food to arrive, during the hasty dinner, and the journey back home. It was so quiet that I thought I could hear crickets.

Sunday, 28th September - Went for brunch with my mom and bro at the famous Fatty Mee Hoon Kueh. What a friggin' waste of time! It was so crowded and we had to wait for 1 hour before our food arrived. 1 friggin' HOUR! Seriously, how long does it take to make some mee hoon kueh? And from my point of view, I don't think that the mee hoon kueh is all that great and it's definitely not worth waiting 1 hour for it. Played basketball in the evening with the guys. Had a pretty good time as Loong Siang and Ching Hong (Sarawak's MVP) were able to join us, coming back from Local U. Been awhile since they last came back.

Loong Siang + Sarawak's MVP

Monday, 29th September - Went to Lowyat with Eric, Hock, Cf and Kc because Kc and Hock had some stuff they needed to buy. Cf actually wanted to buy a couple of thumb drives because he accidentally left his friend's thumb drives in his jeans and sent them to the dobi. But thank goodness he managed to salvage them from the dobi before we left for Lowyat. As for me, I wanted to check out a shop in Sungai Wang that sold super rare shoes (according to Cf) but we were unable to find it after searching every single corner of Sungai Wang. At least I managed to find a book to present my mom for her birthday at Gardens, Midvalley, so the trip wasn't a complete waste for me. During our journey, we talked about a lot of stuff. One of the more interesting things we talked about was Miss KTM. Cf described her as a person that is 十全九美, which means that she's a person that is perfect 9 out of 10. She's beautiful, intelligent, friendly and TPL(!!!). Let's guess what the only flaw that she has is. Ready or not, here comes the answer. The only flaw that she has is her useless boyfriend. When we heard that, we were like "Wtf? How can someone like her be with someone like him? Hasn't anybody tried to make her perfect 10 out of 10?" and Cf explained that she has been very loyal to her stupid boyfriend since secondary.

Sigh, we sat there, regretting that we did not secure a good girl during our secondaries, as it seems like Mission: Impossible to get a good girl nowadays. It's almost like girls were Level 5 monsters during secondary - easy to tame, easy to maintain. Now at college, they suddenly metamorphed into Level 50 monsters - impossible to defeat, impossible to escape from. Sigh. But I guess I'm the one to be blamed, if they were only Level 5 back then, I was only Level 1 during secondary school, knowing nothing about L.O.V.E. and clueless about girls. I felt intimidated by them. To me, they were some kind of extra-terrestrial and they would pull out a laser gun and fry me anytime. Maybe that kind of thinking is the reason why I belong to the S.A.D. group - Single, Alone & Desperate. LOL!

Tuesday, 30th September - The last day of September, a very sad month for most. Even though this must have been said infinite times, but I really can't believe how fast time passes. I can't believe it has been 3 years since the song " Wake Me Up When September Ends" came out. I can't believe it has been 7 years since the September 11 attacks. I can't believe I'm already 20. Most of all, I can't believe that just 3 years ago we were all sitting for SPM trials together, while now most of us are separated by vast oceans and barely are in touch with each other.

I just hope that time passes fast for the hard times I'm about to go through at KBU and slows down whenever I get a chance to be united with friends and family members. Those times are priceless and life would be meaningless without them. I believe that my life isn't about me. It's the lives around me that makes life so wonderful. Even if I died, the loss of my life wouldn't sadden me, but not being able to see the lives around me would. So, for those that are going through hard times, hang in there, never forget that though you're life might not seem much to be happy about, your life is very important to the people around you. Your life is beautiful, no matter how sucky it gets.

Wednesday, 1st October - Woke up at the real wee hours to go and fetch my grandmother from the airport. And before I go any further, ever wondered why that time is called the wee hours? Is it because people get up to "wee wee" during that few hours? Anyway, I reached the airport around 4 a.m. with my mom and we waited for my grandmother to come out of the terminal. After some time passed and we still had no sign of grandma coming out, I decided to go and look for her myself. We couldn't contact her because she travelled back from the US alone and she doesn't have a cellphone (brave huh?). Things got pretty anxious when grandma was nowhere to be found. We tried calling security and my grandma's house phone but was to no avail. After searching for about an hour, we finally managed to contact my grandma, and she had already reached home. I couldn't believe it, my mom and I just kena "put aeroplane" (fong fei gei) by a 70 year old lady (So "IN" meh?). So we went back to Klang to tapao some super early bakuteh for my grandma. Turns out that my aunt got me a pair of Nike Basketball shoes. Hmmm, another pair of shoes that I don't want, but thanks anyway. Played basketball again in the evening with Loong Siang, Sarawak's MVP and the guys.

The Air Force that my aunt gave me

Thursday, 2nd October - Went for basketball with the guys (again!) in the evening. Then went to Loong Siang's house to shower as we had made some plans for yum-char with SuLian, an old friend of ours which we haven't seen in some time. After that Ls treated me to some dinner as he claimed that it was in his territory. I promised that I would return that treat one day at my territory. So after that we went to the mamak beside Berkeley corner to meet the others (Thuan Shih, Andrew, Tian Yaw, Ching Hong, Sulian, Eric, Yz, and Yl). I saw something very interesting that day. There was this dude wearing a t-shirt that wrote "Save The Planet" while the 2 guys sitting beside him was smoking non-stop. I just thought that it was pretty ironic. Speaking of t-shirts with wordings on them, just the other day I saw this t-shirt that almost led me to punching somebody. The t-shirt wrote "God's busy," and then there was a picture of the devil smiling, and the bottom of it wrote "May I help you?". Doesn't a shirt like that just make you wanna punch that guy in the face and say:" Who's gonna help you now?" ? And as I was staring at the shirt, the guy said to me:" What the hell you lookin' at?" ARGH! If my mom wasn't with me I'd smash his glasses into his face! I didn't even bother to answer his question as my answers to this kind of people normally get me into a lot of trouble. The last time someone asked me a question like that, I replied :" I think I'm looking at a dickhead" after that I was pretty famous for awhile, and I didn't enjoy the negative attention.

Friday, 3rd October - Watched the debate between the USA vice president candidates in the morning and I have to say that the debates they have are 10 times more interesting than the debates we have between Malaysian Government officials. I then had Ni Jia Fried Chicken at Pandamaran with the guys as I wanted to treat Loong Siang back. Spent the remaining of the afternoon watching the Mayday JUMP! Live Dvd with Jy, Eric and Yz. I and Jy were indulging in reminiscence of the time we went to Mayday's concert in Genting. Those were really great times and I can't wait for the next Mayday concert. Hopefully will get the chance to go watch them perform in Taiwan, as the fans in Malaysia kinda suck, make them no mood to perform. After watching the dvd, Tc came over and we continued talking about the good old times over some food and drinks at my place.

The Mayday Jump! Live Dvd Cover
The Mayday Jump! Concert in Genting

Saturday, 4th October - Went to eat at Boon Seng with the guys after basketball (again!). It was supposed to be like a farewell dinner for Ah Hong before he went back. After dinner my bro came back from his trip to Singapore and he got me a pair of Puma sneakers. I was like "What?! Is it my birthday?" because that is the 3rd new pair of shoes I got this week. But he already wore them for a few days and man, they are dirty! So I spent about an hour cleaning those Pumas and my Adidas Superstars.

Sunday, 5th October - The last day before I start class again. Woke up and watched The Fifth Element for maybe the 12th time (and I still love it). After that I had another awkward lunch with my family. Nobody spoke a word during the lunch and unfortunately, we went to a place where we had to wait very long for the food to come and damn, it was torturing. As soon as we reached home, the worst happened. My mom decided to break the silence and the caused a big fight. I decided to keep quiet through the whole thing as I just wanted it to end as soon as possible. My brother was pissed with me for not intervening, but I know that it's pointless. Everyone in my family is too stubborn to listen to what I have to say. Though I don't think I am smart, I feel that people just don't get the big picture as well as I do. A lot of people do not judge themselves before judging others. Even more people do not want to take the blame for their mistakes. Most people never forgive, let alone forget. All these hate builds up, and I don't just mean in my household, it's like this everywhere. How I wished that LOVE really makes the world go round. But if it did, I'd be really worried as well, as the world would be like a car running out of petrol (in this case - LOVE), and eventually the world would come to a stop. Why do humans seek to destroy when they should be saving? Even as the earth dies, sometimes I wonder, what is the point of saving the earth when there are so many inhabitants on the earth that are not worth saving? They will continue to destroy the earth no matter what and the efforts to save the earth will be of little or no avail. But, then I will think of the things that are worth saving. And one of the very few things that are worth saving, is LOVE. It is the key to almost everything in life and nothing begins without LOVE. It's hard to explain but just think about it, and you'll get what I mean. Writing this post reminded me of my childhood days. So I'll end it with a video that hopefully will remind you of yours.

Make Music, Not War - Mayday