Sunday, August 31, 2008


This is gonna be a sipeh emo post. I advise you all to avoid reading this post as I just wanted to leave it in my archives for remembrance of my particular feelings today. Had so many other nice stuff to share with all of you but something happened that left me just empty.

All my life I've made sacrifices for others. As long as others were happy I did not mind losing a future that I was promised and going through hardship. But, what if that cause was lost and the sacrifices could no longer be reversed? What if the people you sacrificed for eventually decided they had to sacrifice for you, or rather sacrifice you and left the picture suddenly? All that's left will be helplessness after knowing you did your best, but still failed. Everything I lived for suddenly came to a dead end or a crossroad that might lead to a dead end. I can't be certain when it might happen but I had a chance to see the near future today.

One of the hardest things to do is to console a heartbroken person when you're even more broken than that person. Even more when that person is the bringer of the suffocating truth, taking away every breath of air as the person speaks. I was dizzy without air, nose and throat blocked by fluids of different kinds, eyes blinded by tears, and all I could hear was my heart banging at my chest, pumping hard strokes of blood through my veins, emotions gushing out wildly, disturbing the regular routine of my body. I could not stand it and tried to escape to my room. What seemed like hours of nightmares and drowning, I woke up dazed on the cold hard floor of my room, wondering whether I passed out or was dreaming. Sadly, after I gathered myself, it was all clear that it wasn't a dream. Spent the rest of the day thinking about the foresight I saw, embracing the dead end as it comes. And though there is no point worrying about something until it arrives, at least I can prepare for it emotionally.

It's special how things are all related. The next day came and I was feeling better, maybe because the worst hasn't struck but I couldn't help but wonder, how come other people can't be the same like me, the way I wake up the next day and try to leave all the unhappy things behind me. Instead, some people are full of vengeance, engulfed in their own sadness and hatred. While thinking about this, I began to relate how people are so busy with their own lives, own emotions, that they can't seem to care about others, or the earth, for that matter. Some people are already having a tough time getting things to go the right way for them that they don't bother to go through the hassle of taking into consideration the welfare of others or the environment around them. It is troublesome for them to even put in a little effort to do the little things that can make a difference in other people's lives or the environment.

How many people in this world actually have good lives? So when you're having a sucky day, do not take it out on the people around you. Instead, try to be nice to everybody, because you'll never know whether the people around you are having a worse day than you and the little nice things that you do might just make them see the brighter side of life. I always look at life and wonder, is there anyway that I can make my life on earth worth it? Even if i don't make my mark in history, I want to at least touch people, at least be remembered for the little good that I have done. Never waste any opportunity you get to do good because you'll never know what impact you'll leave in people's lives.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Banyak Pattern Week

Having a pretty good week so far. Don't really remember what I did on Monday, but went for breakfast and a movie on Tuesday. We watched Wall-E, a really good film which hopefully would give people insight on what will happen if we don't start doing our part to save the earth. And if you watch the movie, you might see Tommy or Cheng Fong in it.

Then on Tuesday night we went to TC's house to give him a surprise for his birthday. We had to do it that night because he the next day was booked by his girlfriend. So we brought the cake to the outside of his house but we did not know how to get him down. And the dogs in the neighbourhood weren't being helpful at all. I think they woke the whole neighbourhood up except for TC. In the end we had no choice but to call him up and ask him to open the door. Not much of a surprise there though, hope he still enjoyed it.

As for today we went for a dinner organized by Tommy's mom at Restoran Taman Rashna. She booked the whole restaurant and gave us a table, which was very nice of her. It seemed like we were gonna be 'kelefe's at the dinner but we were so so wrong. Because we were following Tommy's car, we arrived at the restaurant VIP style. He actually had a parking spot reserved for him right at the entrance of the restaurant. And there were people lining up at the entrance just waiting to welcome us in. The thing that made it more embarassing was when we got down from his car, there were photographers taking pictures of us. So we tried to rush into the restaurant ASAP to avoid all the unwanted attention, but we were stopped to get our autographs. Can you believe that?! I was so wrong about you Tommy, you really are famous! I better take your autograph and frame it up or I'll regret it later! LOL!

Going back to the dinner, we had a pretty fun time. The food was quite good and it's been quite a long time since 10 of us gathered at a table and talked the whole night. And the Yum Sengs were really fun. Can't wait till the day our friends get married and attend their wedding dinners. What joy would that be, being able to share the happiest moments of our friends' lives. I wished that i could guarantee that we won't lose touch with our friends but it's inevitable that some of us might drift away. Hope we all will not lose touch, as great things are still to be done together. I often dream about opening a gigantic company with my friends as all of us are of different fields, enabling us to share our expertise and conquer each areas of possible business opportunities. Hopefully this dream of mine can come true. Hopefully we will all meet back after our studies to continue our great journey in life, sharing the joys and pains together.

Better sign off now, got a full day of activity ahead of me tomorrow. Gonna kick the day off with dimsum in the morning, then head to sunway to go for EMERGE KL 2008. Hope it's gonna be an awesome one this year and I pray that my friends will enjoy it, instead of getting put-off by it. Good night people!

Monday, August 25, 2008

The End of the Beijing Olympics

The 2008 Beijing Olympics closing ceremony was held just a few hours ago. Wasn't very fancy but it was still kinda cool to the best Olympics ever held so far. I'm Very proud to be given the chance to witness great people like Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt make history. Michael Phelps is currently the king of swimming as he holds the record of most gold medals per Olympiad, which is 8. Usain Bolt broke 3 records in the 3 events he participated in, the 100m, 200m and 100m relay. Watching him run is just amazing and I can only wish that I could be half as great as him or Phelps. Here's a parody of him which really got me laughing non stop. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

Watching the USA team redeem themselves was also very memorable. I can't imagine how famous Kobe Bryant is around the world. He is the most recognizable athlete around the world. When people saw him walking on the streets of Beijing, they started chanting his name and the police had to get him out of there because he was creating a traffic jam of people! Can you imagine that? And because of the popularity of basketball, the chinese government built 60,000 basketball courts in China this year, planning to build another few hundred thousand courts around China. If only Msia's government were so supportive on sports, we wouldn't end up having only 1 medal in the history of Msia in the Olympics. And I can't believe that Lee Chong Wei got his Dato-ship for getting only a silver medal. WTF? I don't see China giving out 100+ Dato-ships after an Olympiad. That just shows how low the standards are over here.

While we were still fired up with the Olympic spirit, we decided to end the day with a Gold Medal Meal in McD. Got another cup, this time its the one with the swimming logo on it.

Had McD 2 days in a row already. I am actually still sick but after eating porridge for 1 whole week I suddenly craved for a hearty meal yesterday and decided to get a Double Spicy Chicken Mcdeluxe Set. AND IT WAS GODLIKE! It really hit the spot! It made me cough all night but it was worth it. I really hope the Double stays for good and isn't some kind of limited time only kinda thing cause it is DA BOMB! For those who have not got the chance to try it, I urge you to hurry and get one or you will regret it for the rest of your lives.

Was having my dinner yesterday night with Da Boss, Shaun, and Chin Lit and it was only yesterday that I knew that Chin Lit has had so many girlfriends! He makes me seem like a total loser, which I kinda agree to. In my books, he now has the Gold Medal in Kudos to that! Another new thing I learnt is that Shaun's favourite way to greet people during secondary was "See LJ arh?" LOL! Good thing he did not use that on me.

Well, time for me to sign off and continue a whole night of coughing. G'nite people!

Friday, August 22, 2008

One World, Many Dreams, Zero Consideration

Finally getting better from food poisoning but still having a tough time sleeping. I'm not really sure about what's causing me to be unable to inhale using my mouth at night, as doing so will cause me to cough non stop. I blame the air quality. Seems like the haze around my area has become worse till there were warnings, urging people not to go out at night. Did some research and found out that the air quality in some places of the world are so bad that they could worsen asthma and even cause asthma to those who do not have them. I remember last time when I was in primary, nobody had asthma in my class, and only a few in the whole school had it. Now, it seems that at least 30% of kids have asthma and the rate is increasing each day.

Pretty sad with the direction that our world is heading into. Not only with the global warming issues and decrease in air quality, but at the absence of moralities that should be shown by humans as well. Not many people know that there actually is a war going on between Russia and Georgia at the moment. What happened to the cause of the Olympics? One World, One Dream, living with each other in peace and harmony? While everybody was busy tuning into the Olympics, Russia was bombing Georgia who wanted Russia to acknowledge Georgia's independence. Georgia responded back by bombing the villages in Russia, hurting countless innocent people. And when Poland disagreed with the way Russia was doing things, Russia threatened to use nuclear power against Poland if they did not mind their own business.

While I was sick, I watched a documentary named the 11th Hour. The documentary is about earth now being at its 11th hour, 59th minute and 59th second and mankind is running out of time to save it. The documentary opened my eyes to how sick the world really is and the illness that was plaguing the earth, was us, the humans that lived on it. It is said that the earth seen from outer space at night is no longer dark, but you can see little lights on the earth, making it look like an organism which has infections around its body. We are like bacteria, overpopulated and sucking the earth dry of its nutrients. And what happens when the earth runs out of nutrients? There are no other organisms we can just pack up and leave to, as the earth is the perfect and most livable place that God put us in. Just that we did not consider the outcomes of our actions and unaware that our selfish acts will be the death of our home and eventually, us. Everyone out there is just concerned with making a quick buck that they forget that they are killing the earth that actually is doing the most work for us, for free. Scientists found out that the work that the earth does for us every year like providing oxygen, purifying water through trees and returning them in the form of springs, food from the ocean, etc equals to $3,000,000,000,000 which is more than the gross profit earned by everyone in this planet. I wonder how are we gonna that amount of money when the earth is no longer able to do the work it does for us right now. Which would you prefer the future earth to be? A barren wasteland, an ice world or a water world? Because at the current rate we are going, those 3 are the most probable cases. And I remind you, those aren't some kind of new theme park names. There's a big difference with the water world I mean and the water world with slides and rides.

Well, I hope this post will promote some awareness about the earth's current condition. I for one certainly do not want to see my children growing up in a world where everybody has to wear oxygen masks or have to take medication to stay alive. It's up to our generation to clean up the mess that the elder generations created. Many people think its a burden, but we have to think of it as a chance to create history, change the way things are done and make the world a better place to live in.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sipeh Sick

Haven't been blogging for some time now. Had the worst case of diarrhea in my whole lifetime. Was vomiting and purging endlessly. The only way I can describe how serious it was, is at the end of the day, my butt-hole hurt more than my stomach. I even slimmed down a few kilos because I did not have any appetite. No jokes here, bad things happen to good people. And while I was resting in bed, I received a wake-up call to watch LinDan vs Lee Chong Wei. Contemplating whether I should gather my strength to get off my belly to watch the match (I had to sleep on my belly because my arse was super sore), I finally decided to get up and watch it, being curious about the hype going on about our country's hope at making history.

And in my honest opinion, he did make history, history of being the biggest blowout in Olympic Finals history. I was grateful that it ended so fast, because my stomach was killing me. In retrospect, few days before the match, I told everyone that LinDan was gonna SCHOOL LCW but everyone said that I wasn't being patriotic and they will still stand by LCW. They didn't seem to understand that it wasn't about being patriotic or not and don't get me wrong, I do hope Msia gets her first gold medal but I just don't think they can win through badminton, especially at China. I even heard that someone's dad placed a RM2000 bet that LCW would win and I was like:" AW, bet with me ma! Easy money who don't want?" I was telling Tommy the other day about the home crowd advantage and also the advantage in LinDan's physique but he just replied me:" Chris, my sex sense tells me that LCW's gonna win this. And my sex sense rarely wrong wan! " My thoughts:" Sex sense? What are u his gay partner or something?" Well, too bad I was too sick to call those ppl up to give them a big I TOLD U SO.

Another thing that made me laugh was when LinDan won the match and started celebrating. He was throwing his shoes to the crowd and my mom was saying:" Hey, y is he throwing his shoes? Very pantang wan le!" The first thing that came to my mind was Lindan shouting :" D1u lei geh h@i" to the crowd.

Had a lot of time to think about stuff while I was trying to fall asleep at night. I didn't know what came over me but I couldn't stop thinking about getting a pair of new kicks. And they aren't just normal shoes, they're the best pair of basketball shoes in the world, at the moment, that is. Almost every player of every team in the Olympics are wearing them - The Hyper Dunk.
The lines at the side of the shoe are actually Nike’s 'Fly Wire" technology, Vectran fibers, which are five times stronger than steel and never lose their strength while the sole is made of Lunar Foam, a material developed by NASA. That's right, NASA!! Even by reading about the technology implanted into these shoes can make me drool. But I feel so PAI GA! Maybe I'll only get these when my Lebron 4s give way. And hope the USA colorways aren't sold out, heard there are only 2008 pairs available for each country's colorway.

Signing off for now, need to get enough rest... Good Night People!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Smile =)

Well, Tommy's pissed about me blogging about him plagiarising stuff from my blog. Met up with him yesterday and today and there's so many stuff he said that makes me wanna friggin' write about him but have....... to....... control..... the urge........... Must........ stop.......... flaming........ Tommy...........!!!

Accompanied YZ to Aeon yesterday coz he said he wanted to buy some clothes. But in the end the only person who bought anything was Tommy. He bought a couple of Piano-Notes-Books and when we were reading through it we were all complaining about the song choices. Personally I hated few of the songs he chose like 为你写诗 by Kenji Wu and songs by 5566. We all said that songs like those are of the 童话 kind which are songs used to con/scam girls. And here's the highlight of the day,
Tommy:" Yala... I always use them to bluff girls wan! Nice! "
KC, Me, YZ :" ..........."

Okay, no more about Tommy. Control!
So yesterday ended with me and KC till 4 in the morning. We talked about our future jobs, our future wives & kids, our current dilemmas, etc. We even included Uncle Choon, Uncle Tommy, and Uncle Leong. LOL! I can't share the details here though, because I have to try to CONTROL! :P

We woke up just in time to catch the upsetting volleyball match of Brazil vs Russia which was about noon. We then went for lunch with Tommy (Again!) and though he said some more 'interesting' stuff that makes me wanna jam down on my keyboard, again I have to control myself. And when we got back to my place, I watched KungFu Panda and Hancock (both for the second time) with them. After they left, I continued my tv watching spree with the basketball game of USA vs Greece and Croatia vs Argentina and I must say that the USA vs Greece game was the best game I've seen so far in the Olympics. I enjoyed it so much that my mom rushed into the tv room every 2 minutes checking whether I was okay because of all the loud "OWH!" and "HOLY SHIT" sounds that I was making.

Now I'm ending my day by surfing the net looking for a new emo song to play on my blog since Tommy COPIED my song and some other stuff on my blog.

Emo Part for the Day

"If love is true, pain is never a reason to let go. I may say goodbye but my love will always be there with you" -- the voice of a broken heart

Has anybody noticed that there are broken hearts all over everywhere you go? You can feel the pieces they leave on the streets, on their faces, photos, even in their words. It is a sad sad world we are living in but we all must remember to brighten up people's lives, even for a little bit at any chance we get. Don't forget to Smile, people ! =)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sipeh Emo Morning turns Sipeh Ironic

This is kind of the sequel to No Means Yes which was my last post. I find this story as amusing and educational as the last story so hope you guys have the patience to go through it. =)
You all might know by now that I like to start off with a little background, show the setting of the story, getting yall in the mood before getting into the plot, so here goes.

Worked out almost whole of yesterday. Might be due to the Olympic spirit, but i think it's mostly because I was already done with my usual sets of exercises, then my mom forced me to go to the gym with her because she's so self conscious and do not want to go alone. So i figured, since I'm there, might as well make the most of it. Was so friggin' tired but still caught up with the USA vs Angola, Germany vs Greece and Argentina vs Australia match. The USA vs Angola match was a blowout of course, but I love watching blowout matches by the USA team because of the spectacular dunks and alley-oops. After watching the matches I was dead tired, but still do the usual like replying messages, chatting awhile, checking mail, etc till it was quite late before sleeping. *For those who do not know what is pgl, it stands for pi gao lan, a very commonly used phrase to describe wasting time. For more info ask the pgl king, Fei Hai aka Cheng Fong.

Even though I went to bed pretty early (for me) which was around 2am, I just couldn't find the right feeling to fall asleep and was tossing around the whole night. You know, doing the usual rituals to try and fall asleep, covering and not covering with blanket, changing pillows/directions, blinking/ counting sheep to get bored, etc till I finally slept. BUT, I actuallly woke up at 7 and was unable to sleep again. I was thinking, somebody must be cursing me and I made my way down to make some breakfast. Even the french toast that I made for myself ended up becoming half-burnt! And at this point I was starting to get frustrated + emo, WHO THE FORK is cursing me!

Here comes the interesting part, I was having my semi-burnt breakfast while checking my blog for comments. At first I was pretty pleased to see that quite a number of people actually enjoyed the last story. Thanks everybody for taking the time to drop by my blog! BUT, the inevitable came as you can see in the chat box: Tommy did come and read it. No wonder the guys told me that Tommy didn't want to Dota yesterday. His msn personal message even writes "Blogging Day". He was renovating his previously dead blog! He was out for revenge! He was the one who was cursing me! So I went and checked out his blog and my expression was, you all have to say it with me, D-A B-E L-I-U T-E-E E-F!!! You all can check it out and tell me what's so WTF about it.

Now for the educational + ironic part. Upon seeing his blog, I remembered reading about something on plagiarism recently in Xiaxue's Blog. So I went and checked it out. I was scrolling down her blog and when i found it I was really LAUGHING MY EMO ASS OFF! I'm not gonna post it here because I would be plagiarising as well and Plagiarism is tantamount to stealing. All I can say is that the post was from July 26, 2008 and try to look out for examples of plagiarism. I'm sure you all will have a friggin good laugh as well ;) MUST READ!

Anyway, it's now 9.13 A.M. and I can't help but wonder, who else is awake? According to my messenger, everybody seems to be still fast asleep. Well, hope you all had fun reading this post (If you're Tommy, mai dulan, joking nia =) ). Have a nice day people!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

No Means Yes

I do feel it's amazing how sometimes you will find yourself in these kinds of situations. Situations which you just don't know how to deal with what's happening. You won't even be able to cope with the information that is coming at you. This is gonna be a pretty long story so bear with me, people.

I went and watched the China vs USA basketball match yesterday at Tommy's house. It was a pretty okay game except for Yao Ming sucking so bad. The final score was 101-70, bravo to both teams anyway.

Since it was late i stayed at Tommy's house that night and I discovered a very 'special' thing about him that just drove me BANANA SANDWICH! . So heres how it goes down. It was after watching the games and we were all getting ready to go to bed, but the lights were still on. I asked if someone could off the lights, because I'm very sensitive towards lights when I'm sleeping. So since KC was closest to the switch he got up and switched off the light, that is, after some complaints of it being far of course. Then when he got back into bed, we asked Tommy to switch off the bathroom light, as he was just inches away from it. Well, he refused to do it, saying that it was very 'far' as well. So we kept bugging him about it, asking him to off it every few seconds. Then he finally got up, and went to use the bathroom. BUT, after using it he LEFT THE LIGHT ON. So in our heads I and KC were thinking a big WTF so we continued to bug him. Well he continued to reject our requests till we finally gave up and said:" No need to off already la, we just sleep with the light on" Now this is the part that just drove me CRAZY. Upon hearing this, Tommy:" Like that ar, then I off the light la" and he got up, off the light, and went back to bed without saying anything. I and KC were stunned, speechless, and didn't even bother with WTF, we didn't say anything but I bet that we were both thinking the same thing for a long time before we slept, which was FTW!

The next morning/ near afternoon came, and the thing that happened yesterday night still was bothering us. So we decided to test him, since we were going to get some lunch and we're VERY indecisive when it comes to picking our lunch. While we were circling around town, looking for stuff to eat, we would agree with his suggestions and observe his reactions. True enough, every time we agreed with him, he would say:" Dun wan la... choose another place... got wat other place arh? " Due to that, it kinda took forever for him to decide on where to eat, EVEN longer because he wouldn't agree with my directions. I would be seriously saying turn left here, and he would turn right. Can I get a WTF, anybody? Therefore I had to say the directions backwards to get him to go in the right way, and it went on the whole day! ARGH!

I was really losing it, KC and I were dazed and frustrated. I even have a photo taken with me pulling out my hair, totally going BANANA SANDWICH! I figured I had to sleep and think this over. Now I'm awake and still blogging about it, having no clue on how to solve this dilemma of mine. He wasn't always like this, and he seems friggin' serious about it. So my conclusion is that he is having period-like-symptoms, and he'll be okay the next time I see him (I HOPE!). And if you are reading this, Tommy, just continue to be yourself because we, your friends, love you for who you are. And be proud of yourself, considering you have a whole post about yourself =P

Now for a brighter side of Tommy, he actually is doing quite well with the ladies. According to him, plenty of fishes are his dishes, ranging from the Malaysian ikans to exotic fishies from the coast of Goa, India. As both I and KC are of the SAD group (Single And Despo), we listened on as he was giving us his golden words of wisdom. Tommy:" Chris, KC, stop hunting for fishes with your louya fishing rods, it's time you all tried my style. Just use a pukat harimau and bring a whole school of fish in. Those that manage to escape, sure are small fishes, not worth it wan I tell u. While those that get caught, can slowly pick marh! "

Now, where do i get a FRIGGIN' PUKAT HARIMAU??!! LOLOLOL!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Full day of activity

Another activity filled day has passed...
Not sure whether it was meaningful or not though...
Went for the legendary roti canai today morning with fei hai, weetat, tommy n kianchuan... It REALLY is legendary!
It feels like the roti will shatter into pieces if someone were to drop it onto the floor!
The place was packed with people but the rotis were coming out really fast, thanks to the 6 ppl just making roti canai. That's right, SIX PEOPLE!

After that we were chillin' over at fei hai's warehouse, and we were really chilling, because it was FRIGGIN COLD! His warehouse stocks crates upon crates of kiwis, apples, mangos, pears, etc at a temperature of almost ZERO DEGREES Celcius! At first it felt pretty cooling, a very good getaway from the insanely hot weather recently. But then after awhile we were shivering down to the bone and decided to head back to my place, that's where we really chilled, without the extreme temperature. We were getting all emo when we brought up the topic of feihai's old flame. I can't believe the reason why he liked her! And why she liked another dude when they barely even spoke! Hmm... do girls really fall in love with guys they do not know completely? Hmm... Then why am I so unlucky?! Do I let out an aura that attracts negative attention? Am I that repulsive that people's expressions change from :) to =( ? I really get the feeling that people either like me or loathe me, mostly being the latter for females.... Any tips, people?

Anyway, after we then went to have a late lunch at the "Da Shu Xia" in eng ann... we then went straight to kwang hua for the usual Saturday basketball, drinking of liang teh and finally we joined fei hai's gang for some games and then we ate dinner and went home....
And on the way home, I managed to have a real chat with Wee Tat, it was then only that I knew that Wee Tat was quite a frequent clubber, and the clubs in Malacca sounded more interesting that the ones we get in KL. I also got to know of the sales happening in Malacca and the good food over there. This made me really feel like having a few days trip over there, not so much to club or shop for ballin' shoes, but I really want to have a look at the lifestyle over there. Plus, I heard there were a lot of good basketball players over there, might wanna have some skirmishes with them to gain experience.

But I guess this trip will hardly be able to happen due to the plans we have for Redang. It's been some time since I've been to the beach, and MAN DO I MISS IT! It's the only place u can feel total freedom imho, being closer to nature, the view of the sky and the sea and land as one, closing your eyes while sounds of the world are just speaking to you, having peace of mind just floating around, ARGH! I JUST CAN'T WAIT!

This must be the longest post yet, better stop or i won't be able to get much sleep again...
CttM is really deprived of sleep lately, being so restless at night, all I do is just listen to music/blog, Now i know why people who are very free like to blog. It really takes up quite an amount of time. Btw, I'm still finding things to add into my blog, maybe a counter or some extra pics to make it not seem so empty. Please do leave comments, eager to hear them.
Till next time, peace out

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Two Thumbs n Two Toes up for China!

Just watched the 29th Olympics Opening Ceremony!
IT WAS AWESOME! Hats off to the Chinese for their creativity
The performances had inhuman choreography yet was carried out spectacularly.
And the way the guy lit the torch was FRIGGIN INSANE!
He flew up on ropes and ran around d stadium ala ninja style n lit the gigantic torch!
That really blew my mind!
Really looking forward to the events this year even though i never watched the other Olympics my whole life. Didn't appreciate the event last time. Now only I come to realize how big are the achievements by those people and i really admire them.
Every team had their special costumes when they marched out. Most of them were very sleek and smart looking imho, especially the USA, Greece, Australia and Sweden team. The Swedes had a very creative thing going on with the blue and yellow cheongsams with the matching paper fans.
Too bad the Malaysians that went to the Olympics IMHO don't show the respect that they should show. I feel that it's a friggin disgrace that we wear songkoks with those mini skirts on the outside of their pants.
Overall, I have a good feeling about this year's Olympics. It's gonna be the best one so far.
Very excited to see the USA basketball team, they're out to redeem themselves.

Gonna sleep soon. Have to go for the so called legendary roti canai tomorrow, courtesy of Cheng Fong aka Fei Hai. Will talk about it tomorrow... Till then.....

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Very First Post

Well, been wanting to get my own blog for some time now...
But thought it was for emo people...
After some time I realized that I was one of the most emo people around.
So, here goes...
Today is 08/08/08, is it really that special?
Imho Everyday is a unique day that will never be relived...
I feel that the only thing special about today is that its the opening day of the Beijing Olympics...
That's a real historic event for the Chinese....
And like Lee Hom says, 华人万岁!