Monday, October 27, 2008

I Wish

Was going through some old articles and poems I wrote for the school magazine and I came across a poem I wrote that was never published and was never shared with anyone. It was a poem about someone special in my life. Do excuse the childish rhymes as it was written a long time ago.

I Wish

Every time I think of her
I wish things between us weren't over
I wish that it still was the two of us
I wish we were still in love
I wish that she would answer my call
I wish she would understand
That I would give my all
Just to make things right again

I miss the sound of her voice
I miss the times when our world was just two-persons-wide
I miss the times when we're on the phone and she talks real low
'cause it's late and her mama doesn't know
I miss the times when we would refuse to hang up the phone
Because neither of us wanted to go to bed alone
I miss the times when warmth was just one call away
She was always there for me, she was the highlight of my day

I miss the time we went skating together
It was the only time we could hold hands
Without being teased by the others
She was able to talk to me freely
Like I was the only one around
She used to hold on to me
Like the only other choice was falling down
We skated around like we had nowhere we needed to go
Nice and slow
And I remember the time we walked back to the others
She dared me to hold her hand but ran when I tried
She looks so adorable when she is shy

I remember the troubled times I was going through
When the world turned against me
And there was nothing I could do
She told me that things were gonna be ok
She always had just the right thing to say
I remember the time we had our very first fight
She refused to speak to me, I couldn't sleep for nights
I remember the way we made things better
Her friends arranged for me to meet her
We never spoked in person before
We were so shy, made me tongue tied even more
It was a cold and rainy day, such romantic weather
We sat down on the floor, side by side with each other
For the first time she told me that she liked me
I was overwhelmed, those words swept me off my feet
I looked deep into her dreamy eyes, I didn't know what to do
But my heart already had the answers, and it made me say
"I like you too!"

Sigh, it's memories like those that brought an end to us
I couldn't stand the way she was able to talk to everyone I knew except me
It made me jealous
It was all cool when we were on the phone
We were as close as lovers can be
But in school, it was a whole different story
It seemed like she didn't even notice the existence of me
Every time she walked pass me I could barely breathe
I wonder whether she knew that she's the only person I could see?
It was torture, and if you were me then you'd be
Wishing someone would shoot me

I wish that I wasn't so selfish
I wish that I was contented with what we had going on
It was special, but now it's gone
The month she left was a month of tears
I tried to make things right but she wouldn't let me go anywhere near
I wrote my apologies and sent it in a card
But nothing was able to get through to her broken heart

I wonder whether she thinks of me
When times get lonely
I wonder whether she remembers the dreams we shared
The sweet laughter we had, the tears we shed
Looking back on things
It's hard not to find it all a little bitter sweet
And it's definitely nice to believe
That someone like her
Could ever love someone like me

I'm so sorry
I never meant for us to end like this

And would gladly turn back the sands of time
If I only had one wish

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Past 2 Weeks

The week before last week passed by with great difficulty. I was still figuring out a way to actually care about my education. I was wondering, what can I do to concentrate in class? Is it even worth paying attention to the gibberish? Was I wasting my RM250 per semester if I didn't pay attention? And then I wondered on further. Thank God I wasn't paying any fees for education at KBU. Do the people in my class, or anybody in KBU for that matter, think that they are getting their money's worth? Would I be paying more attention if I actually paid 20K a year to study here? And after a week of pondering and surveying the classes I took, the answer was, HELL NO! I wouldn't be able to understand what they were trying to say even if my life depended on it, let alone if I merely paid for it. So after acquiring these answers, last week passed with a little less difficulty, but it made me feel much more guilty. I don't think that I listened to even ONE class. We were either chatting about other stuff or doing our own homework, that is, if I didn't skip that class in the first place. And since I'm writing this post at this hour instead of doing my homework, I guess that I will be doing the same thing for the following week. Not proud of it, but I don't think I have any other choice.

Now for some lighter stuff, I'm gonna jot down a few things that happened in the past week and a half. First of all, I attended a musical called Dance My Love at City Harvest Church on 10th October (Friday).
We (Jy, Yz, Chris (Hing), Tzehowe, Seng Geak, Lynette, Eugene) were actually very impressed with the acting, singing, choreography, and filmography of the musical. It didn't seem like much from the flyer but it was actually very entertaining and touching. And the dance moves they had were pretty wicked, no surprise there as it was featuring the best dancers in town, including the finalist for “So You Think You Can Dance? Season 2″. We all had a good time that night even though the place was so so so HOT due to the amount of people that attended it. It was so packed that we ended up sitting on the steps of the staircase even though we reached there pretty early. But from my experience of going to the events hosted by this church, the people that attend them are so friggin' enthusiastic! For example, if the event was at 8pm, they would be lining up at the doors around 3pm. Insane right? The pastor even gave us 5 minutes of time to go around and shake hands with our neighbours, and his objectives of that was so that as we shook hands and got acquainted with our neighbours, we would squeeze in closer with each other. I think that you can imagine how packed it was when I say that there were more than 100 people sitting on the floor that night. And from what I heard, the musical was showing for 3 days that weekend and every session was jam packed. Simply unbelievable!

Hmm, other than Friday's musical, I really can't remember what I did the following Saturday and Sunday. Guess I was watching movies the whole weekend, but all i could remember was watching Hellboy 2:The Golden Army. Better blog more often or else I won't remember anything I've done in a few years time. Got hooked onto Prison Break when my cousin came over to visit me. He was surprised that I've never watched an episode of Prison Break and told me that I at least have to watch the first episode of it. BUT, after that first episode, I just couldn't stop. In my opinion, it was a masterpiece of a story and my heart was trying to burst out of my chest at almost every episode of it.

Moving on, last week was a week full of birthdays. Leong Hoe's birthday came first on the 13th of November (Monday). Here is a picture of his cake, appetizing huh?
It was actually two brownies, but it was later covered with tomato + chilli sauce + salt + pepper. Initially, our classmates forced him to eat it. But, he refused and insisted that Edward (the most pokai person I've ever known, and also a birthday boy of that week) had a piece as well. So, Edward sat beside Hoe and acted like he was eating a piece of the brownie, before he totally SMASHED that particular piece into Hoe's face and made a run for it!! Oh, what a classic scene that was. I don't recall a year that Hoe didn't get his face smashed into a cake. And after all these years, he still doesn't learn! LOL!

Edward aka Pokai

Wednesday arrived and it was time for Hoe to get his revenge on Edward. Actually, it wasn't only Hoe who wanted revenge. Almost everyone who spent his birthday with Edward around wanted revenge and sweet revenge was what they got that day. In order to stop Edward from running, a whole gang of us, comprised of students from different classes, grabbed hold of him right after class ended. We taped his arms togeter with duct tape and presented him his cake. I don't have a photo of it with me but I'll try to describe it. It was home made, and probably the most disgusting cake I've ever seen. The core was wheat bread with chilli + tomato sauce in it, and it was covered with tons of whipped cream and strips of chocolate which made it look like a giant pile of shit. With Edward all tied up, Ah Kai forced him to chow down on some of the disgusting cake. Then, the main event came. Winn said:" Edward, I'm sorry. YYAAarrrrrrrrrRRRHHH! " and he arched his hand back, looking like a quarterback ready to throw a football to a receiver at the other end of the field. Edward's eyes widened, " Winnn, Don't you dare throw..." AND BAMMMM!!!! Winn smashed the whole cake into his face! Upon impact, the whole area bursted with "OWH!"s and "HOLY SHIT"s. Man, was he pissed. But what could he do with his arms all tied together? Nothing. But he still tried, and that was probably the funniest part because he was chasing Winn with his hands all tied up and he was trying to headbutt him. LOL! Can you imagine that? That really left me and most of the others kneeling on the floor, clutching our stomaches, and laughing our arses off. But just when Edward stopped chasing them and we thought it was over, Ah Kai came back and smashed an egg on Edward's head and the whole process of chasing and headbutt-ing resumed. I laughed so hard that I had stomache cramps.

That Wednesday was also Kelvin See aka Tom Cruise's birthday. Even though we weren't able to celebrate with you, I still wish you well and hope that you had a smashing 20th birthday over there. Can't wait till you get back, bro!

Kelvin aka Tom Cruise

Friday came and KC came back from Semenyih and stayed at my place for the weekend. I, Jy and Kc watched Max Payne on Friday night and MAN, IT SUCKED! It was such a let down as the video game was one of the most revolutionary games of its time! The movie, on the other hand, sucked so bad that I give it a 1 out of 100. It was so boring that we didn't even believe that we were only in the cinema for an hour and a half as it felt like an eternity. I urge everyone to skip this movie if you had plans to watch it.

Mark Wahlberg and his horrible portrayal of Max Payne

Saturday was a historic day for me as it was the first time I traded an item through the internet. I managed to sell my Nike Air Forces and the guy wanted me to go hand him the goods over at SS15, Subang Jaya. I have to admit that the experience was pretty scary as you wouldn't know what the person looks like and whether they would be good people or not. Lucky for me, the guy that traded with me was a pretty nice guy and looked completely harmless. I wouldn't want to be trading with a huge gangster looking dude with scars on his face. Went to try the famous Uncle Seng's Noodles after the trade. It wasn't as legendary as it sounded, (One guy told me that it was the best noodles he has ever tasted and one day he is gonna hire Uncle Seng as his chef to let his family eat Uncle Seng's noodles everyday) but still it was pretty good. A quick shoutout to Chen Hong and Mark, Happy Birthday you two!

As for today, I spent the afternoon watching movies with Kc and meddling with my facebook account (Finally I setted up my facebook account after creating it some time back). Watched 21, the movie about blackjack, and Death Race. 21 was actually very interesting while Death Race was another one of those no-brainer action movie. As for the evening, I spent it running errands for my mom and sending Kc to meet his ride back to Semenyih. Getting pretty late, so I'm gonna sign off for now. Will edit the post tomorrow. Good night people!

21 - Really nice film, highly recommended

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Start of Class, again!

Monday, 6th October - The first day of class after the Raya holidays.
First class, Further Maths - Waste of time.
Second class, Control and Instrumentation - Waste of time.
Third class, Business and Management for Engineers - Didn't waste any more time by skipping it. Extremely lucky because the lecturer didn't take attendance today. WooHoo!

I think I'm allergic to my college. As soon as Maths started, had serious aches in my stomach that didn't go away even after bombing the toilet. The aches left me pale till after the second lecture. But just as soon as I decided to ponteng and stepped out of the college, there was something really different about the atmosphere outside that just made me feel better. I don't mean it like some kind of miracle, but the aches just were not as severe as it was. Damn you, KBU!

Downloaded and watched Iron Man for the third time. It's still friggin' awesome! Downloaded "Wanted" and "300" comics to read. The 300 is just as same as the movie while the Wanted comic is very different from the movie. Though it's not as fancy as the movie with the special effects that Hollywood has to offer, but it definitely has a much more interesting storyline. Highly recommended. Downloaded a few classic films like The Count Of Monte Cristo and Volcano High School but haven't got the time to watch them yet. Here's a couple of pics from Wanted and a pic I took at One Utama after lunch.

Wesley and The Fox

Wesley in Action

Me posing with a guy in action

Tuesday, 7th October - First Class, Don't remember what subject it was and what were it's contents but only knew that it was taught by Mr Pu - Waste of time. Second Class, Maths again - Don't understand anything but will put the blame on the lecturer. Class ended early so I went for a facial appointment with Ching Ling. It was my first time doing a facial but it was pretty ok for me. Didn't see much difference either but at least I acquired some knowledge about my skin type and the things that I can do to prevent freckles/blackheads. Just that I don't know whether I should get the products she was offering. When she was explaining the uses of the products, I felt like I was talking to my mechanic. If you have ever gone to a mechanic to get your car fixed, you would know what I mean. He would tell you that the secondary timing belt has to be changed, the spark plugs has to be changed, etc and you would just nod and believe every word he said because you don't know SH!T about anything that he was talking about. He could tell you that there was a wild unicorn that wandered into your tailpipe and you would be like:" Oh really? Oh my God, that's serious! A mythological being in my exhaust pipe? We can't be having that. How much would it be to get it out of there? RM7000? Ok, a task like that sounds like a RM7000 job. Thanks for not cutting my throat" Anybody get what I mean? Well, if you don't, you either have a really good car, or really good family members that do the job for you. Ended the evening with some jogging with my mom. Didn't adjust my ankle weights well and now my feet are killing me! Too tired and lazy to do my homework so I guess I'm gonna watch a movie before I go to bed. Goodnight people! Hope you have a great week ahead of you, at least a better one than mine.