Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We, we, we, so excited!

Yall must be thinking that Chris is gay for having a title reference to the song Friday, but I am truly excited this month. Why? It's because I'm finally going HOME! It's been a long time, and dang do I miss HOME! Although I'm only gonna be back for a couple of weeks (21st May to 4th June), I'm still extremely grateful for this opportunity. It's gonna be a busy two weeks but I hope that I manage to see all of yall when I get back. For those interested, do let me know in advance coz I am almost fully booked!

Hmm, excited and anxious about my homecoming. I can say that a lot has changed these couple years. I wonder how's everybody gonna react? Will it be me that's changed or everybody else? Will my friends and family be able to accept the changes in me? Will our relationships still be the same? All these questions haunt me everyday throughout my solo journey these couple of years. I have tried my best to make a lot of upgrades in my life with minimal change to the positives in me (if there are any). I guess there's no point listing the changes here and I'll just have to let yall see for yourselves. It might even end up the case that yall will think that I didn't change at all and it was all in my head. Which would be a good thing, I guess?

I feel like my thoughts are all jumbled up and it's hard to organize what I want to say here. There are so many stories that I would like to share with yall, but it's hard to decide where to start. I think I'll just start with the recent stuff. I just got back from Amsterdam and Brussels with Yew Leong, Chia Khuan and Siew Wen (yes, the legend of Kwang Hua Siew Wen). It was my first trip to Europe (outside of the UK, that is) and it was an interesting one. It was kind of an eye opener. AND NO I did not experience the red light district AND NO I did not smoke pot (Yeah I'm a loser, I know). Then why was it an eye opener? Well let's just say that it never fails to intrigue me how different guys are from girls. I thought I already knew we were extremely different, but I didn't know we were THAT EXTREMELY different, if yall know what I mean. I can't even find a valid way of describing how different we are. Fellas tell me you do understand what I am saying, please. All I can say is girls let their emotions get in the way way too often and I totally tip my hats off to YL for the way he handled things, he is officially a gentleman now! Just wait till I get the chance to tell yall the story, it would bring tears to your eyes to see how YL has grown *sniff sniff*.

I will be posting some of the pictures and videos we made on the trip soon but for now, check this out. It was a video we made at the Heineken Experience and don't ask me what we were doing coz we weren't prepared but I laughed my a$$ off when I watched this. Do watch it fast coz they will take it off after awhile. http://www.heinekenexperie

Today was a surprisingly fun day. I was rushing to church but was blocked by a bunch of marathon runners. And there were so many of them that I had to take a different route, adding to the delay. But when I finally got to my church, it turns out that the marathon passed by my church and the people of the church actually set up a long table and had around 30 people handing out water to the marathon runners while cheering them on. So I rushed over and helped out. There were basically 3 types of helpers, people who open up bottles of water and fill them into a big container, people who filled the cups up with water, and people who stood on the streets to hand the cups to the runners. It was really fun the way we cheered them on, especially the way the children did it. My favourite was like:" C'mon! Keep your butts moving!". In the beginning there were just too many runners coming at once and it was so busy that most of us just did our jobs while shouting the random "You're doing great!", "Keep going!", "You can do it!". But after the massive waves came the walkers who were already out of gas. By this time there were less people so the people pouring the water and filling up the cups could just focus on clapping and cheering them on, as these were the people that needed encouragement the most. There were all sorts of interesting people running the marathon. There were people dressed up in army uniforms with their rucksacks on, there were people dressed up in Captain America, Spiderman and Superman costumes (NOT JOKING! and they were full suits as well), and the most inspiring runner I saw was a girl who was handicapped, but still ran it with a t-shirt saying I'm running to raise money for cancer patients. I was truly inspired and touched by her spirit. As humans, too many times we look on the dark side of things and neglect how blessed we are. We look at the things that we do not have and forget to be grateful for what we have. So everyone, I know that sometimes things just get outta control and when it's really hard to be positive, just remember that there are a lot of people out there having a tougher time than we are, and we should be grateful and give everything our very best. These thoughts really got me going these couple of years, especially last year as it was quite a depressing year for me. I just wanted to share that with you guys, hope yall don't think I'm F.O.S. (not Factory Outlet Store, it's Full Of Sh!t).

More updates coming soon. Will post some more epic videos as soon as I get my license for some video editing software. Till then, stay tuned and take care guys! See yall soon!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First mobile post

Heyo what's up everyone?

Hope everyone is doing just fine. Wonder what y'all are doing at the moment? Still studying? Or started working already? Do update me in the comments/kpkb zone aight?

Since I'm typing this on my way back from work, this is gonna be a short post. Yea not those few pages long posts that I used to do.

So many things have happened these couple of years. Mostly hardship but there were a few silver linings as well. Kinda sad that I didn't blog about it as I do tend to forget chapters of my life. I will try to update you guys when I'm on my computer, too long for a mobile post.

If you're wondering why I stopped blogging, it was because there was too much drama surrounding my posts. This blog was initially meant for storing raw memories of mine. By raw I mean unprocessed KPKB as well as fun/funny/happy/emo moments that we shared. However, little did I know, people who did not know me well stalked my blog and made their own interpretations on my character, spreading all sorts of sh!t about me.

These people don't know me, and do not have the right to judge me. I say anything and everything on my mind and my friends understand the meaning behind it. I never have to explain myself to my friends. I hope that those who read my blog this time around respect that so that the kpkb and emo can continue without restriction. LOL, thats not really a good reason but seriously, spreading nasty (and untrue) stuff about people isn't nice. If you wanna spread nasty stuff about people, make sure that it's true, like what I like to do in here. ;D LOL just kidding. But seriously, that Tommy ar, really makes people wanna kick him in the nuts. Haha just joking again. Guys, please don't go kicking Tommy in the nuts the next time y'all see him. Not coz it's mean or anything, I'm afraid your foot might get stuck. LOL! Just playing Tommy, you know we love you.

Alright, enough about Tommy's nuts, gotta get off now, its my stop. Take care guys! Stay tuned for updates! Peace!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Renovation in progress

Hey guys,

How's everyone doing? It's been awhile.

Been thinking of blogging but never had the time. All the emo bottled up inside of me has got to be let loose! So I've decided to start off by revamping the site.

On my list at the moment:
1. Gotta get some music in this joint! The old music widget ain't working no more.
2. The KPKB zone seems to be spammed. Probably will ditch that. Until I find something to replace it, yall can leave your comments within the posts (if at all there is anybody out there reading my blog,that is. Don't want people to think I'm perasan. LOL)
3. Change the theme, probably font as well.
4. Thinking of making it a private blog. Too much drama last time.

Any other ideas for improvements? Please leave them in the comments section if you do.

Till then, stay tuned. Peace!

Update: Pretty much done with renovations... but am always open to ideas for improvements... thanks