Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First mobile post

Heyo what's up everyone?

Hope everyone is doing just fine. Wonder what y'all are doing at the moment? Still studying? Or started working already? Do update me in the comments/kpkb zone aight?

Since I'm typing this on my way back from work, this is gonna be a short post. Yea not those few pages long posts that I used to do.

So many things have happened these couple of years. Mostly hardship but there were a few silver linings as well. Kinda sad that I didn't blog about it as I do tend to forget chapters of my life. I will try to update you guys when I'm on my computer, too long for a mobile post.

If you're wondering why I stopped blogging, it was because there was too much drama surrounding my posts. This blog was initially meant for storing raw memories of mine. By raw I mean unprocessed KPKB as well as fun/funny/happy/emo moments that we shared. However, little did I know, people who did not know me well stalked my blog and made their own interpretations on my character, spreading all sorts of sh!t about me.

These people don't know me, and do not have the right to judge me. I say anything and everything on my mind and my friends understand the meaning behind it. I never have to explain myself to my friends. I hope that those who read my blog this time around respect that so that the kpkb and emo can continue without restriction. LOL, thats not really a good reason but seriously, spreading nasty (and untrue) stuff about people isn't nice. If you wanna spread nasty stuff about people, make sure that it's true, like what I like to do in here. ;D LOL just kidding. But seriously, that Tommy ar, really makes people wanna kick him in the nuts. Haha just joking again. Guys, please don't go kicking Tommy in the nuts the next time y'all see him. Not coz it's mean or anything, I'm afraid your foot might get stuck. LOL! Just playing Tommy, you know we love you.

Alright, enough about Tommy's nuts, gotta get off now, its my stop. Take care guys! Stay tuned for updates! Peace!

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