Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Slow revival

Been trying to revive this blog for ages, but never really seemed to have the mood nor time. Today I finally decided to play around with the blog layout and templates and guess what? I accidentally deleted some of the stuff on my sidebar. Really ARGHNABEHWTF! Hocai I managed to remember some of the stuff that got deleted. However, I did lost the links to the blogs in the "Other Emo Bloggers" sidebar. So, I hope you guys would leave me your links at the cbox or in the comments area, Thanks!

Been wanting to jot down everything that happened these past 7 months (and counting if I don't finish this post) but it never gets completed. Will try to sum it up in the following posts though it is kinda impossible to express the infinite drama and countless emotions that occured lately. However, that's the beauty of life, ain't it? It can't be felt just by reading about it through books or watching it through movies. It has to be experienced. I was pondering restlessly about this just yesterday night. My mom asked me whether I wanted to have a party for my 21st birthday next week and it suddenly hit me. I'm so friggin OLD! So I was lying in my bed, thinking what have I done with my life and I only could remember bits and pieces of my life (Damn my bad memory!). And its funny how our mind works, or at least how mine works, as when I look back on things, everything that happened to me, good or bad, it all felt good. I guess I can say that I'm blessed with the opportunity to experience every single scenario that has happened in my life and brought me to the point where I am now, even though the point where I am now, is pretty much, nowhere! But, it feels pretty good being nowhere sometimes, with nothing to stress or worry about, I just hope that I don't stay at nowhere for too long. =)

And as for my life, friends and family make my life. They mean everything to me. The other day, after we had a tiny BBQ gathering at my place for Kelv's farewell, he said something to me that just pierced through my heart. He said that he doesn't know when's the next time we gonna see each other, as well as the others. At the moment I just laughed, and said that he comes back every half a year while I'm only going overseas for 1 year this coming September. His reply:" Well, I'll see ya when I see ya". Well, Kelv's just the coolest-non V-metamorphosizing-after-secondary friend that I have. But, thinking about it yesterday, it might be a long time before we see each other and our other friends. Everyone seems to be so far apart and who knows, they might decide to work overseas or get a P.R. over there. And I might not even be remembered over time. Hmm, it's a sad thought, but a possible one. Any way I can get my friends to sign a "Friends For Life" contract with me? And if you're reading this and wondering if I'm dealing with selling people's souls and stuff, don't worry, it's nothing like that.

I always notice people posting those kind of "friendship forever" stuff and I have to admit that I really doubt some of those people's sincerity, but deep down I do wish that it's possible. Dear friends, we've had so many great memories together, hopefully the memories don't end here at 2009. If there's anyone that can pull the "friendship forever" thing off, I'm betting big that its us. Before this post gets too sentimental, I better sign off already. But before that, is everyone free next Saturday the 1st of August? I'll probably be having my birthday party on that day. Do confirm with me soon. Peace.

UPDATE: It's changed to this SATURDAY 25th of JULY due to unforseen circumstances. Sorry for late notice. Hope u all can come

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