Friday, July 31, 2009

The week of my 21st Birthday

Friday, July 24th - The eve of my 21st Birthday party.
Allow me to start with a behind the scenes of the party. It was real last minute and my mom planned to cook for the party. She was asking me how much people was coming, and I hesitated to tell her, because I knew that she was definitely gonna freak out if I told her that I accidentally invited more than 40 people. Hence, I told her around 30 were coming, and well, she still freaked out. I thought because there were so many close friends overseas and off at Local Uni, there wouldn't be such a big crowd, but then call here a bit, call there a bit, then OMG there I was with a friggin' long shopping list and hours of shopping to do. I practically shopped from morning till night for the food, occasionally throwing more stuff than ordered by my mom since there was an extra 10 people that she didn't know of.

Saturday, July 25th - The day of my 21st Birthday party.
Spent the whole morning till evening helping out with the cooking for the party and dang I was tired even before the party started. Managed to get a 15 minute nap before the guests arrived and man it was a busy busy night for me. Didn't have much time to eat because had to entertain so many people that night. Considering how people say that the host of the party rarely enjoys the party, I can say that I had a pretty good time. I'm really sorry that I couldn't spend more time with every one of yall but I hope that those who attended had a good time as well. Here are some pics of the party to substitute the hefty amount of the words that I normally use.

After the party ended and my house was cleaned up, we went up to my room for the usual until 5 A.M. before sleeping. The forum members that were present this time were me, Chee Long, KC, TC, and our new member, Thuan Shih. We missed Han Wei deeply as he was the most enthusiastic and gek dong forum member of all. However, rather than myself being the one to contribute unbelievable stories, it was Chee Long this time who told us his experiences that he kept from us for so many years. LOL! I can't really say much unless you're a member of our forum, but let's just say that he didn't only make people turn into a lesbian, he even gave her asthma. SIPEH GENG AR!

Sunday, 26th July - From that day onwards, the leftovers from the party was my breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the week. My mom says that my guests are really clever, they finished the lamb, satay, and chicken wings and left us with a lot of meehoon, spaghetti, curry chicken and rendang chicken, and I mean A LOT! Pretty sad that I didn't get to eat much of the lamb as its the BOMB, as always. Thank goodness Chee Long and KC saved me from the leftovers at night by bringing me to get some jeng ikan bakar in Klang Jaya. We talked the night away as usual before they went back to Kajang.

Monday, 27th July - Got news that Loong Siang came back from UUM due to H1N1 there. Went to have some ang tao peng with him, his uni mate (Qing Da), Tc and Yz. Invited them over to help me with the leftovers at night and we were chatting about everything from old times, geeky scientific stuff, people nowadays, etc. We always get a good laugh when Tc tells us the story about him, Loong Siang and Poh Gui. LOL! If you haven't already heard it, here it goes.

Primary 6, Tc sat next to Poh Gui(PG) while LS sat in front of Tc. LS would tease Tc non-stop about liking PG everyday while Tc would deny it. Then after months of teasing, one night LS called Tc up.
LS:" Tc, if you like PG, nevermind de... U can tell me"
TC:" Nola, siao meh? only u will think that I like PG."
LS:" Real or not? Hmm...*Long Pause* Actually, I like PG."
TC:" ...."
Suddenly, another character was involved. Loong Siang's dad was actually in his room listening in on their conversation.
LS's Dad:" *Accidentally giggles* kekeke"
LS:" C*B** DAD! "
*Click* end of conversation.
TC:" ..........."

LOL! Hope you all enjoyed that story as it gets me everytime! However, I'd say the highlight of that night was when LS told us about Zhong Sun, an old schoolmate of us. I'll leave out the details because this kind of story, you'll have to hear it from LS. Seems that ZS has changed into a giant cannon, telling people all sorts of funny + out of this world BS about his new job to our old friends. Guys, if you get a chance to go yumchar with ZS, better do so, because you'll be in for a good laugh if you do.

Tuesday, 28th July - Went for bakuteh with LS and Qing Da (QD) at Yap Eng, Sentosa. I have to say that it has one of the best dry bakutehs in town. You guys ought to try it at least once. Then went to HSBC to deal with some bank matters with my dad. And my dad totally spoiled my mood on the eve of my 21st birthday. Most of yall would know that I have a pretty messed up family. However, even I didn't know how bad it was, until this week. Well, I was in a state of denial that day, because I didn't want things to get in the way of me having a good time for my bday. Nobody would want that, agree? So I stayed in my room for the rest of the day, avoiding any contact with my family until midnight, hoping that everyone else would be asleep, and I could dwell in my own astonishmet of turning 21 and wished that the good times would continue to roll and my life could remain as perfect as it is.

Wednesday, 29th July - My 21st Birthday started off real great. The wishes were pouring in and of course, it was present opening time! Here are some awesome loot that I got for my birthday.

The max air bag and AJ Flight Lows. THANKS A LOT to TengChoon, ChengFong, YewLeong, YingZhou, WeeTat, ThuanShih, Kian Chuan, JiaYee, CheeLong, Eric, WoeiSheng, ThuanSiang, SihAw, TianYaw, ZheLiang, Shaun, Andrew, SoonWay, ChinLoong, HuiShian, SiewYin, ChiaNee and Zee Joo! Forgive and remind me if I miss out on anybody, because even Tc and CF aren't sure who shared it.

A surprise gift from Hanwei. Really touched when his mom dropped it off at my house. Wish that there was a way for me to hand him a present when he's birthday comes. Thanks a lot Hanwei!

A Sheaffer pen from Derrick and Kok Wei with my name carved on it. Thanks D and Robbie for reminding me that it's time to be a MAN! LOL

The Razer Lachesis from Kit, Wenbao, and Elaine. A real touching present from you three. My Razer Deathadder has been passed to Kit to help me claim warranty but it hasn't been successful for several months now. So long that I've forgotten how a Razer felt. The first time I plugged the Lachesis in and moved it across my mousepad, I was stunned for a moment, then "WOO!" LOL! That's the feeling of a Razer for me.

This Adidas perfume and deo was from Siew Wen and Xing Kang. Thanks for telling me how much I stink. LoL I really appreciate it. It smells great!

A wicked LBJ basketball from LeongHoe, Chris Hing, and Yap. Too bad I won't be around to use it. But I'll definitely display it on my closet and use it when I get back.

Surprised to see that I received two presents with the exact packing and contents (but different brands) by two different groups of people. Thanks a lot to SinYee and YeeSing for the Adidas shirt on the left and Thanks to WeiSiong, Edward, HaiKai, Mark and Kai Feng for the Nike shirt on the right.
A tiny cake, a bottle of Vitamin C, and a lip balm from my good friend Ching Ling. Though we seldom contact, but she's always so thoughtful. Hope that we won't lose contact because she really is a real good friend.

The crocs, perfume and cross are from my beloved mom while the caps are from my bro and finally the laptop from my dad. I don't really think that the laptop is considered a gift, cause I would probably buy one anyway. LOL! But as a filial son, I would like to thank my family for all the great gifts.

Last but definitely not least, a gift from my beloved. Thanks a lot to TengChoon and CheeKuan for helping her with it.

On top of that, I got a surprise from LS and QD. LS actually drove over to my place and sang me a birthday song with a slice of cake. We talked till 2 A.M. (again!) but we never run out of things to talk about. We've been close friends since form 1 and after so many years, I'm still proud of having a friend like him. I'm proud of all my friends, for that matter. They've always been there for me and have never let me down. We are indeed a unique bunch and I hope that we'll continue to stick together. After sending LS off, I spent some quality time with my girlfriend. It's been some time since we last had a video conversation and I really missed her. We've been apart for more than 6 months and its a real pity that she can't be here to celebrate with me. We chatted till the sun was up on my side of the world and my eyes couldn't stay open.

The day started without any plans. I woke up around 12 and found that there wasn't any food at home so I asked Tc whether he wanted to have lunch together. We went for Burger King with Eric and YL and man, the stacked up beefbacon burger was DA BOMB! Then they came over to my place and we wasted the afternoon away doing nothing. LOL what a way to spend my birthday. Then we went for dinner in Bukit Tinggi and something very miraculous happened. Tc accidentally locked his car keys inside his car and he doesn't have a spare key. He drives a pretty old wira and we were all wondering how he was gonna get back. Then Cheng Fong was absent mindedly using his car keys to play with the keyhole of Tc's wira and it suddenly was unlocked. LOL WTF! Our jaws all dropped for 5 secs when the door lock suddenly rose up. So, dear readers, now yall know what to do when you accidentally lock a wira's car keys in, just look for CF. The day ended with me, Eric and YL chatting outside my house unexpectedly. I was supposed to send them off but ended up outside my house chatting for more than an hour about a topic we call 2 Vs and a bad guy. And we all know who is the bad guy (臭男人). LOL! All in all, I had a pretty boring birthday this year but I'm not complaining as long as I'm spending it with friends. And I'm pretty grateful that my mom remembered my birthday today, though I didn't receive any wishes from my dad or bro.

Thursday, 30th of July - This was a SIPEH SUEI day for me. Yesterday night I was thinking to myself: "Hmm, I'm 21 years old already, better act like it." So I set my alarm at 8 AM. Woke up and had my breakfast, feeling great. Then I received a phone call from an unknown number. I thought I had nothing to fear, but i was wrong! It was F**king KBU! And they want me to attend an interview by MQA for LAN accreditation on next Thursday and Friday. On top of that, I have to go for a briefing tommorow. I don't even study there anymore and they expect me to help them. Totally absurd! The day only got worse as the streamyx never fails to amaze me on how crappy their service can get. And the way these suei days work is that it never improves. The situation with my family worsened. I'd normally hide in my room but this time they'd call me out to pick sides. Hmm, SIPEH SUEI!

Friday, 31st of July - Woke up friggin' early due to the sound of argument. Then I just shook my head and got ready to go to college for that stupid briefing. It ended at 11 but I had to wait for my dad till 3. Then I slept till I heard sounds of argument again. Sigh. What a disappointing ending to a great week for me. Have I really stepped into adulthood after turning 21? I really couldn't take any more of the crap that was happening so I escaped to Yz's house for the night. He truly is a great friend.

Their anger hurts my ears
Been burning strong for several years
Rather than fix the problems
They never solve them
It makes no sense at all

I see them everyday
We get along so why can't they?
If this is what he wants
And this is what she wants
Then why's there so much pain

I'm ripe with things to say
The words rot and fall away
If a stupid poem
could fix this home
I'd read it everyday


YZ said...

Now i know why the person who stole my wira choose to steal it instead of the other zeng car jus 10-20 cm infront and behind of my car.

Shu Ling said...

Happy belated bday~
It's been a looong while din visit ur blog,and I found it was alive...

Heard that you going to UK too?

anyway, take care~

- C t t M - said...

LOL yz Actually is cf who stole ur car...

Shuling - Thx thx... yeap im going ther next month, u going too?
where ya heading?
You take care too =)

Shu Ling said...

Next month too...
to London, Middlesex University.
Same as Xinyu, you should know who rite? ^^

wat about u?

- C t t M - said...

im leaving on the 7th. Off to Sheffield Hallam Uni. Sad to leave this place but at the same time, it's something that everyone has to go through I guess, something like a quest for independence. LOL! But I'm pretty sure u're already independent, staying outside n all. I'm a real mama's + kampung boy.

Shu Ling said...

Yeah...We made this choice and part of our interesting life. So why not? ^^v...

Oh well...I'm not so independence though. Don't cheated by my "L" size... :p


Wishing us all the best in our future. ^^v...

Mayb one day we can travel around, u come to london & I go n visit u...hehe~

w.e.n. said...

heyy chris! =)

awesome that your blog's up and hopping ^^ check this link out, it's my friend's blog..sipeh emo you..just thought you might like it

*from the comments above*
all the best in uk! here's a hug for you too! ^^